CIDA, more managers in the company to consolidate financial recovery

CIDA, more managers in the company to consolidate financial recovery

Rome, May 27 (Labyrinth) – When the economy seems to be restarting, we can no longer confine ourselves to the goal of returning to the status quo, especially in a world where the old paradoxical contradictions are no longer tolerated: different social protections between the self-employed and the employees; This is evident from the organizational renewal of the company and the inadequacy of the managers. This is an image emerging from the second issue of the Quarterly Observatory ‘Labor Issue’ created by CIDA (Confederation of Public, Private and Senior Professional Managers) in collaboration with Adapt.

“Legal and normative jobs – CIDA President Mario Mantovani – do not resist the tsunami of contagion. , Provides a safety net for each person, designed based on his or her state and needs, and is therefore diversified but universal. We can no longer pretend that a self-employed worker or a micro-enterprise is affiliated with a real company, budget standards, profits, losses and profits are often ‘clear’. , To guarantee, monitor, update and guide capabilities in difficult situations “.

“At the same time, it is essential to invest in quality jobs that support the growth of medium and high-paying jobs. The position of executives in Italy is symbolic, behind the last of the European countries: Italy has the sixth largest number of managers in the world, followed by managers with 3.43% of total employees.” The European framework is diversified with more than 10% of the managers’ population: 8 to 10% in Estonia, Belgium, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway; Last in Europe, the value is less than 1% of the total number of executives in 2019 (779,000 units, 820,000 in 2018) “.

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“Such a small number – compared to almost all European countries, indicates a deep lack of organization in our country, a weak competitive position and a void of expectations. Executives, medium and high level technicians, high level professionals can resume different Italy and position in global segments with more values It can sustain, attract, and produce positive results for the rest of the workforce.

“CIDA – underlined Mantovani – is committed to being at the center of the debate, seizing the opportunity and potential of the PNR, the need for renewal of the ruling class, and the real creation of a new generation of managers who can innovate. A resumption that consolidates the colossal signs of older youth job growth, promotes highly dynamic, up-to-date and strategically relevant skills.

“We will analyze the consequences of legal action in the coming months, the immediate steps taken during the pandemic, and the steps the government will take to restart, but do not forget the weaknesses of Kovid pre-Italy and the objectives of the positive work. The transition will come before it is too late, “Mantovani concluded.

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