Chronicle of the XIII: Rugby A XIII Amchair recognized as a “high level sport”

Chronicle of the XIII: Rugby A XIII Amchair recognized as a "high level sport"

France ranks first in the world “High Level Sports” Is the result of several meetings held by the leaders of the Ministry of Sports FFR XIII, For “tough defense”Rugby Thirteen Amchair. ” This discipline, the world champions, is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

It is an important decision Because, on the one hand, it will allow practice athletes to take advantage of the perspectives and support associated with this new status. On the other hand, it promotes the structure of access to high performance XIII Amchair On the path to federal performance.

Luke Lacoste compels collective action within the Fed

A great discipline, finally realized! Photo DR – FFR XIII

Luke Lacoste, President FFR XIII, I would like to connect with everyone who has worked with this passion, athletes, leaders, clubs and volunteers …: “Given my commitment to the Tracist goal, I admit that I am particularly pleased with this news after leading several meetings at the Ministry with the National Director of Technology to prevent entry into this position (…) We deserve this victory“I want to connect you with it,” he declared

National Technical Director Jacques Plak: “This is a significant victory for the French Rugby Union. And the recognition due to this magnificent discipline. France excels internationally (See below, editor’s note) Getting a higher level of status is a fair turn of events. This high level of recognition is also a reward for the collective work of all DTN colleagues.

Eugene Crampons

France “armchair”, world number one

World Champions! Photo DR – FFRXIII

L’IRL (International Rugby League) Recently unveiled the world rankings Men and women and armchairs. Despite the epidemic, Twelve international senior men’s meetings were held this year, Includes 15 different teams. For the seats, 5 countries played 8 matches. In the end, four countries played only three matches for women.

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A World Cup for France! Photo DR-FFR XIII

The armchair calendar saw the best nations in the world oppose each other, With two wins for France against England. Thanks for these two victories, France has now secured the world number one spot. Ireland and Scotland took advantage of the two sets of meetings in 2021 to finish fifth and sixth, respectively.

Men are seventh and blue is fifth

In men, Serbia rises to ninth in latest world rankingsInternational Rugby League. The other big winners in a year when Kovid-19 was interrupted were the Netherlands Thanks to two wins in 2021, the 14th-place finishers have climbed eleven places (!) To add to their success in the only match they have played in 2020.

The Philippines ranks first in the world After the win against Brazil last June. Bosnia and Herzegovina who played with them against Serbia. It was their first senior international match since joining the IRL.

First place goes to New Zealand, In front of England and Tonga. France is seventh.

In the women’s rankings, Wales and Ireland recorded their first qualifying results and were ranked 13th and 14th respectively. As a result, Brazil, Greece and Lebanon lost their matches. Australia and New Zealand retained the first and second ranks respectively, With England narrowing the gap, thanks to two matches played this year.

Les Blues is in fifth place In this world rankings, Papua is just behind New Guinea.

See all full rankings :

IRL World Ranking Based on the results of international competitions only with the following criteria:
The relative ranking of the opponent, his high rank, the weighting of the result is large.
● Competition, i.e. the competition in the official competition favors the accumulation of points, knowing that the matches in the World Cup are the most important.
പുതിയ The latest matches are heavier than the old ones, and only matches from the previous four seasons are considered.


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