Christmas Traditions in Ireland

Boules de sapin de Noël

Christmas is approaching and as the Halloween decorations that the Irish love so much are starting to disappear from the streets and shop fronts, they are already being replaced very quickly by Christmas decorations!

In Ireland, this small, mainly Catholic country, Christmas celebrations are very important and the traditions associated with them are strictly observed!

Here’s a brief, comprehensive overview of Christmas traditions in Ireland.

General information about Christmas in Ireland

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 in Ireland. Christmas Eve, December 24, is traditionally the day people return to their hometowns from the capital, Dublin, or abroad. On the evening of December 24, families and neighbors gather at home or at local pubs, which usually close early on Christmas Eve.

Boxing Day is a public holiday in Ireland. In the Republic of Ireland, it is known as St. Stephen’s Day after the first Catholic martyr.

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations, the Irish love it! Decorations will be hung inside and outside homes a few weeks before Christmas Eve.

As you walk through places like Grafton Street, one of the busiest shopping streets in the Irish capital, Dublin, you will surely be amazed at the creativity of some store decor. The fronts of the shop are lavishly decorated with fir trees, colorful wrapping and other occasional decorations.

At the same time, the city is adorned with brighter and brighter lights every year.

Christmas decorations in Dublin
Christmas decorations in Dublin

Candle in the window

This is one of the best observed in the Irish Christmas tradition. A candle was placed in the window to welcome Mary and Joseph on Christmas Eve, but nowadays it is common to light candles in front of all the windows on the ground floor of the house. Looking out the street.

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Candle in the window for Christmas

Midnight Mass

If you are looking for a crowded church, head to Ireland in any town on the Emerald Islands for a midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. This is a great gathering to celebrate Christmas with family, friends and neighbors you have not seen all year.

Attending Mass at midnight on Christmas Eve is the most celebrated of almost all Irish Christmas traditions.

Although the Midnight Mass is a religious event, many non-Muslims attend the event, which unites the entire local community.

Christmas swimming

Yes, yes, you read that right! Bathing for some Irish Christmas!

Dublin County has a particularly famous location Forty feetA promontory at the southern end of the Dublin Bay in San Diego, from where people swim in the Irish Sea.

There are many Christmas day swims all over Ireland, but Forty feet This is probably the most famous Christmas bathing place in Ireland.

Dublin bathers immortalized in James Joyce’s famous novel Ulysses have loved this place for generations.

12 Christmas ads

The origin of this tradition may be from an old Christmas carol that marks the 12 days leading up to Christmas Day and the gifts that loving couples exchange on each of those days.

As you can see, having a drink at each of the 12 pubs you visit is a question here!

In the Irish Pub

This tradition is often taken up by many Irish people and tourists, but only a few of them can actually go all the way!

The Irish students made this tradition their favorite by organizing special routes with various games. The goal here is not to go to 12 pubs at random and have a drink in each pub, but it’s a well – organized event with routes, missions, vows and games assigned to each new bar.

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The main rules for this evening are to bring a Christmas hat or sweater, have at least one drink in each pub, go to each of the twelve pubs, and stay in each pub for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Guinness and Tarts for Santi !

We have all heard of this tradition, especially from North America, where Santa Claus gave up milk and cookies so that he could retain his power on his night trips around the world. But things are very different here in Ireland Santi (Less Santa Claus) Likes to enjoy more rich desserts: a pint called Guinness, a few small pieces, filled with candied fruit and spices. Christmas piece.

Christmas food

Although bearing the name Having dinner, Christmas food in Ireland is usually served earlier in the evening. The main course of food is usually a goose, chicken or turkey. Supplements include stuffing, gravy, and of course potatoes. Christmas dinner is often the biggest meal of the year. The dessert is usually a Christmas pudding based on rum or cognac.

Christmas stew
Christmas stew

Women’s Christmas ou Little Christmas

January 6 is traditionally the day the Christmas tree is removed from the living room along with other decorations. However, on this day another Irish Christmas tradition takes place – Nolygna Ban (‘Little Christmas’ or ‘Women’s Christmas’).

This custom originated at a time when the administration of a house was left to the women of the house. During the Christmas season, a lot of work was set aside to cook, decorate, and maintain the house.

In some parts of Ireland January 6 is and still is, a day when all the work done during the festivities is celebrated. Housework was handed over to the men of the house and the women met among friends and sometimes in the pub.

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