Christmas family gatherings could lead to more cowardly deaths, experts warn

A leading epidemiologist has warned that family reunions before Christmas could lead to deaths related to covid in the spring.

Dr. Gabriel Scully said now is not the time for a big reunion, and he has revealed that he will stop meeting his own relatives this Christmas.

This comes after the government made a wide announcement The country and the economy are reopening Throughout December.

Royal Society of Medicine Dr. Scully said: “If we have a very happy Christmas and meet a lot of friends and relatives, I’m afraid we’ve buried some relationships in January and February.

“It simply came to our notice then. This is extremely dangerous and we should not allow it to rise again. ”

Speaking to RTE’s Katie Hanon on Saturday, Dr. Scully said the end of the epidemic was on the horizon.

He added: “In the next day or two, we will see a lot of people being vaccinated, and at this point why would anyone want to risk going to social gatherings or big family reunions? This is not the time. ”

Dr. Scholy’s concerns echo those raised by the National Public Health Emergency Team (NFET) In a letter to Health Minister Stephen Donnell before the announcement on Friday In removing restrictions.

Nephet warns that “even if restrictions are now relaxed to a similar extent, there will be a faster outbreak in the winter and at Christmas than in the summer, with a third wave of deaths much sooner and more deaths than a second.”

“I urge the government to take a more cautious approach,” he said.

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He said: “When you do well, I think you can change your foot brakes.

“The virus is highly contagious and dangerous, and it can re-emerge very quickly. I want to be more careful than in December, especially at Christmas. ”

“Ireland has done a great job in the fight against the virus,” he said. When Scully said that, Covid-19 was “still spreading at a very high level.”

When asked who would like to go home for Christmas, he replied: “This is not the time to do it.

“It’s time to show your love by keeping your friends and family safe.”

He said the effects of the virus would be huge because it is winter and people are indoors.

He added: “They close the doors and windows. It creates a virus-like environment. ”

Announcing the reopening of the country on Friday, Taoist Michael Martin said: “We are moving as far as we believe that by easing the restrictions, a better balance of health, economic and social considerations can be achieved. But no more.

Taoist Michael Martin announces easing of restrictions (Julian Behal / PA)

“The government and I are pleased that the integration of the new arrangements is affecting the safe balance between maintaining the stress of illness and creating space for family, friends and loved ones to live together this Christmas.”

Meanwhile, Seven deaths related to Kovid-19 were reported The health department confirmed Saturday, and confirmed 243 more cases.

The number of Kovid-19 related deaths is 2,050 and the number of confirmed cases is 71,942.

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