Chris Rock hosts monologue on COVID, Voting and ‘Rethinking’ with Government

Chris Rock hosts monologue on COVID, Voting and 'Rethinking' with Government

Chris RockSaturday Night LiveThe 46th season, he had a high order ahead of him. This is the first time this season, not only for Show Studio 8H, but also in early 2020, after the Corona virus pandemic shifted to the “at-home” episodes at the end of their Season 45 production.

Rock left the stage in a mask, but removed it to hand over his monologue, which President Donald Trump began by addressing the “elephant in the room” that he was in hospital with COVID.

“My heart goes out to COVID,” Rock said.

Kovid took the center stage in his monologue because he briefly touched on the new protocols in the studio, allowing the show to be watched live in person. The studio allowed the audience, that they were thoroughly tested before being admitted and that they were all first responders. “We let people die tonight so they can see a good show,” he joked.

He also pointed out that he was clapping every day. “I haven’t had much stuff out of my nose since I shared a dressing room with Chris Farley,” he said.

Commenting on the “reconsideration”, he said the couple’s transition between epidemics paved the way for further political discussions. “I think we need to rethink our relationship with the government,” he said. “Will this work? I think Joe Biden should be the last president of all time. We need a new system, right?… Anyway, what job have you had for four years?”

He continued, “We have agreed in America that we should not have kings, and yet we have nobles and nobles running the Senate and Congress, making decisions for the poor. The rich who make decisions for the poor – it’s like giving advice to your handsome friend dating. ”

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Rock reminded the audience that the only technically necessary qualification for a president is only 35 years old and born in the United States. “That’s how we got into this crisis,” he said. “There have to be some rules to be president. Do you realize that there are more rules in a game show than running for president? Donald Trump left a game show to run for president because it was easy. ”

Rock was not ready to completely overthrow the current president. One good thing he said was that “he has the most got energy of any 75-year-old man on the face of the earth,” comparing him to a “powerful female boxer” like Rhonda Russi.

His point was to go out and vote, but said, “The government does not want you to vote. Why do I know they do not want you to vote? Because election day is Tuesday in November. If the show had been ‘Tuesday Night Live’, it would have been canceled in 1975. ”

“We have to take it seriously, man,” he said. “Everything that is happening now, we can lick it – we can beat it – if we face it together.”

“Saturday Night Live” airs live from coast to coast at 11:30 pm on Saturdays. See the full monologue of Rock above.

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