Chitriona Bolf or Irish Patience

Chitriona Bolf or Irish Patience

Portrait – Star of the series Outlander We have been able to rub our shoulders with the best in a decade. Acting as a brave mother BelfastWritten by Kenneth Branagh, it beats itself up and disrupts the award season.

“When I started training again in my 30s, I had a lot of doubts. An agent friend warned me: “At your age, finding female roles is not easy.” However, if the person I met then meets me today, she will be amazed at how all the parts of the puzzle fit together. With that calm and sunny smile, Kaitrona thinks Balfe is her signature. Especially in Belfast,Released in theaters in early March. Comedian and director Kenneth Branagh describes his childhood in Northern Ireland during the summer of 1969, when it burned out among Catholics and Protestants alike. The 42-year-old Irish actress portrays the playwright’s brave mother. A carpenter working in England pays off her husband’s debts and raises their two sons alone. She also robs the rebels to bring back to the store a barrel of washing powder that her offspring Buddy stole during the chaos.

Keitriona Balfe and Jamie Dormann in Belfast. Rob Youngson / Focus Features

“Kenneth’s film conquered me”

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