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Chinese teacher sentenced to death for poisoning 25 students

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A Chinese teacher has sentenced 25 students to death for poisoning them with sodium nitrite.

Wang Yun, a teacher in the central Chinese province of Henan, was arrested last year and intentionally injured after adding sodium nitrite to students’ breakfast. A court Governs She described her behavior as “despicable and vile.”

“Wang Yun’s criminal intentions are despicable,” the court wrote in a statement announcing the decision. “The consequences are particularly serious, and (she) should be severely punished by law.”

Wang argued with another teacher, Sun Moumou, about how to punish and deal with students. In retaliation, sodium nitrite, a food preservative that is largely unsafe for young children, was added to the students’ morning porridge in the sun.

Almost all children, According to the BBC, Vomiting or tiredness after eating porridge. One student died after being hospitalized for 10 months.

Parent of a student Told CNN Last year, children appeared to be pale after eating nitrite-laced foods.

Wang has a history of poisoning sodium nitrite: In 2017, a court found that Wang had mixed poison with water containing sodium-nitrite for her husband. Nisara was injured.

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