China tests secure quantum time transfer technology

China tests secure quantum time transfer technology

Researchers at the Chinese University of Science and Technology (KNTU) are the first in the world to test quantum safe time transfer technologies.

Reports about it Xinhua.

“We are the first Chinese researchers in the world to test technologies for safe transmission of quantum with the help of the MoT satellite,” the statement said.

According to the agency, high-precision time synchronization of clocks located in remote areas plays an important role in the fundamentals. Science Real-world apps, including navigation and positioning.

However, modern methods of time synchronization are vulnerable to experienced competitors.

To solve the problem, the professor and colleagues at KNTU suggested a satellite project of a quantum safe time transmission.

The Cloning Prohibition Theory states that it is impossible to create a similar copy of a unilaterally unknown quantum state.

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In this scheme, a single photon is used as a carrier to transfer time and generate an encryption key, which provides increased security for the transmission of time signal and time information.

Scientists using single-photon level signals have synchronized between the satellite and the Earth. The accuracy of the time signal transmission exceeded 30 picoseconds.

The world’s first quantum communication satellite “Mo-Tzu” or QES (Quantum Experiments on Space Scale) was reportedly launched into orbit on August 16, 2016.

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