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China-Ireland: Meeting of Foreign Ministers – Xinhua News

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(Xinhua) – Guangxi, May 31 – Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Irish Foreign and Defense Minister Simon Cowan yesterday in Guangxi, the capital of the southwestern Chinese province of Guizhou.

Wang said Sino-Irish relations would maintain a healthy and sustainable development as they mature further, and that both sides would take full advantage of their achievements to strengthen international cooperation against the Kovid-19 pandemic and keep it stable and industrial. Supply chains are sustainable to accelerate the recovery of the global economy.

China emphasizes Ireland’s unique role and influence in international and regional affairs, and Ireland represents a sustainable and strong force in the European Union that will continue to play a positive role in developing relations. EU.

“Ireland is an honest friend of China in the European Union, and Irish is ready to be a reliable partner. I want the Irish to further develop and expand EU-China relations,” Cowney said. (Xinhua)

Xinhua Editorial Responsibility.