China challenges Google’s ‘quantum dominance’ by developing a supercomputer capable of solving hundreds of difficult tasks

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14 July 2021 12:05 G.M.T.

Suu Kyi was able to complete a mission in about an hour that required working for about 8 years with the latest non-quantum supercomputer.

Quantum supercomputer Su ChongxiDeveloped by engineers at China University of Science and Technology, its creators say it is the most powerful in the world.

The device was able to solve a task in about an hour, which takes about 8 years of work, from the most advanced non-quantum supercomputer.

“I’m so excited about it. It’s proven that we always thought we knew how to do it, but it’s not tested experimentally: you can always beat a classic machine by adding a few more quits.” Commented Peter Knight, a new scientist and physicist not involved in design.

Xu Chongxi has a two-dimensional processor that can run simultaneously and 66 functional quits – or quantum bits. It is capable of completing sample tasks up to 56 quits and 20 cycles in size. According to Chinese engineers, it is “2 or 3 orders of magnitude” – hundreds or thousands of times more powerful than Sycamore, the quantum supercomputer announced by Google in October 2019. “Quantum Dominance”.

The superiority of the Chinese device is not only the high quits, but also the Xu Chongxi optical circuits used to handle and control and read the chips.

Like Sycamore, Su Chongxhi can solve a variety of tasks and is fully programmable. In this it is quite different from another Chinese quantum supercomputer, JiuchangIt’s 10 billion times faster than Google, but only does one thing: the boson sample finds a solution to the problem. In addition, Xu Chongxi shows the extent of the technology.

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“We have observed that the performance of the entire system works as predicted as the size of the system grows smaller and larger, which confirms our highly reliable quantum functionality and the unrelated errors in the Su Chongxi processor. Supports, ”its developers point out in an article that has not yet been effectively reviewed. This can be accessed in the arXiv archive.

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