Chile gives leave for immunizations and sends action after the fall of Kovid cases – 07/15/2021

Chile gives leave for immunizations and sends action after the fall of Kovid cases - 07/15/2021

Chile has begun a period with more people on the streets, and cinemas, museums, and indoor areas of bars and restaurants are opening for the first time in months, and from today it will face the Kovid-19 Pandemic with drastic measures and more benefits. Vaccination results in a significant reduction in the number of infected people.

The streets of Santiago are back to life, and gyms, sports facilities, theaters, and senior centers have begun to operate in many parts of the country, and after a year and a half many of these places have only been allowed strict measures. A few weeks.

“Today’s information is very positive. In the last two weeks, we have seen a daily drop in 40% of new cases, as well as the number of tests. Coronavirus The positive result is 3.3%, the lowest level since records began, “said Health Minister Enrique Paris.

There have been 1.59 million Kovid-19 cases and 34,207 deaths in the Chilean region so far, but the pandemic is fading three months after a severe second wave. The healthcare system is on the ropes, but now, from next week, people in the capital will not be able to board the ship on weekends for the first time since March.

In recent days, the number of active cases has dropped by 70%, with new infections dropping to less than 2,500 per day, to 2,336 in the last 24 hours.

Promotion of vaccination

Holders of the vaccination card 14 days after the end of the immunization program against Kovid-19 and those released by the government in May will be able to enjoy more benefits. So far, the document has not granted many additional rights.

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From this week, the voucher will be “centrally important”, which, according to health officials, will allow institutions to double their current capacity. It is the only way to enter closed areas, allowing free movement in quarantined neighborhoods.

The country has implemented the most successful vaccination campaign against Kovid-19 in the world, with more than 84 per cent of the target population currently arriving with a single dose and 75 per cent with two vaccinations. Most of them were given Coronavac and some were given injections from Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Cancino.

This is the first time Chile has changed the government’s 2020 strategy to fight pandemics, an initiative announced by President Sebastian Pinera a week ago. This proposal will help the economy to gradually recover from the long-term proposals that led to a 5.8 percent decline in the economy by 2020.

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