Children need opportunities for sports – sports

Children need opportunities for sports - sports

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) has called on federal politicians to use the Infection Protection Act for the benefit of children and adolescents across the country in the current gouty consultation. “Society as a whole, especially children and adolescents, must finally be freed from the immobility that has persisted for more than a year. With the help of many current and proven ideas in the field of sports and the commitment of many people on the site, we can now start again safely and responsibly, ”Dosby President Alphonse Hermann wrote in a letter to the ruling coalition’s parliamentary group leaders. .

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He was referring to Dosby Vice President Andreas Silberzak’s “cry for help” on Wednesday, describing the impending loss of a generation on the Sports Committee. With the help of current and proven ideas in the sport (DOSB Guard Rails, Professional Associations Transitional Laws, DOSB Hygiene Standards, etc.), organized sports can provide responsible exercise with 90,000 clubs.

Organized and club-based sports provide a unique opportunity to promote youth health, social engagement, and self-esteem. This age limit should be allowed at the club in groups of up to ten, similar to the situation where school starts while adhering to hygiene concepts. Even in private meetings with many people, children and young people are not considered to be the maximum number of people.

The academy also supports the promotion of organized sports. Earlier this week, leading aerosol researchers wrote an open letter pointing out the possibility of infection in the open air. Recent data from Ireland show that only 0.1 per cent of infections are from doctoral activities. At the same time, studies show that regular exercise protects against strenuous cov courses. Nutrition researchers have also pointed out the health risks to children due to lack of exercise and malnutrition since the onset of the epidemic.

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“A valuable part of the solution to combat pandemic lies in our sports clubs and a sporting event that follows clear rules,” explained Hormon. pm

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