Chemicals used by humans in daily life have improved female behavior in male rats!

Chemicals used by humans in daily life have improved female behavior in male rats!

In an experiment conducted by an international research team at the Technical University of Denmark, they tested the chemicals that people use on a daily basis in mice. During the experiment, pregnant mice were exposed to cocktails of 13 different chemicals, including bisphenol A (BPA). Phthalates found in plastic products.
BPA stands out as a cyanostrogen that mimics estrogen and exhibits hormone-like properties. Phthalates, also known as ‘plasticizers’, are used in personal care products such as vinyl flooring, grease, soaps, shampoos and hair sprays.

‘Little mice had serious hormonal disorders’

Sophie Christiansen, a member of the research team, told Sweden ‘s national broadcaster SVT, “When we gave one substance at a time, we did not see significant results. However, when we combined several substances, we experienced serious hormonal disorders in small mice.”
As a result of the research, it was noticed that mice developed female characteristics.
“In experiments, you can clearly see the nipples, which are usually only for women,” Christiansen said.
In addition, the distance between the anus and the genitals of male rats was observed to be closed. In general, this distance is known to be longer in male rats than in females.
SVT stated that at present it is not possible to draw definitive conclusions about whether these substances affect people.

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