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Checks will explore what can be mined in space. The avatar script doesn’t scare me, the scientist says

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Mining metals to build large space structures in space or searching for rare raw materials from Earth may seem like science fiction until recently, but similar visions will soon become a reality. Checks play an important role in making these dreams come true.

A group of Czech companies and Czech scientific institutes, led by Brno SAB Aerospace, will carry out an independent mission aimed at mapping the minerals around our planet and exploring space in depth. In the opinion of scientists, there is no danger of a similar catastrophe, Cameron’s famous Avatar promised mankind’s efforts to extract minerals from the universe. The asteroids that are supposed to be the source of the raw material are uninhabited so there is plenty of all sorts of interesting goods.

The Czechs want to send two satellites into Earth’s orbit in four years to find out which of the universe’s materials is most important for the extraction of raw materials. These are for studying the structure of small objects moving in the solar system, called meteorites, as well as large objects – asteroids or asteroids. The project, called the Slavia Mission (Space Laboratory for Advanced Variable Instruments and Applications), was created at the request of the European Space Agency and the Czech Ministry of Transport. .

“The mission is particularly grateful for the technologies designed to study the mineral properties of interplanetary space objects and for the interaction of instruments that actually do not fly into space,” said Martin Ferrus, Jr., head of the spectroscopy department at the Institute. Herowski said. Physical Chemistry.

The meteorite carries information about its body

The Bruno Company’s satellites are equipped with a special camera that records the color spectrum of a meteorite’s light, a phenomenon that occurs when part of an asteroid or comet passes through the atmosphere (called a meteorite). “The camera has a grid that distributes the meteorite to the appropriate spectrum, and then we give each part of the spectrum to the chemicals and elements in a computer,” explains Vaclav Howle, the creator of the Slavia project.

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As scientist Martin Ferrus adds, each atom glows only at very narrow frequencies of light. The light spectrum is like the fingerprint of an atom, thanks to which it can detect where it comes from. “Each meteorite provides information about the components of the body that created this shooting star in the atmosphere – excavation, so we can perform its chemical analysis from a distance,” Ferrus says, adding that the atmosphere is completely decomposed from most meteorite formation materials, and the only indication for determining the elemental structure of shooting stars is the spectrum.

Satellites will also study interplanetary dust emitted from the surfaces of asteroids and comets. This is checked using a device called a mass spectrometer. “There is a chamber on the satellite in which the underground orbit passes the Earth’s orbit, and then we can find its structure,” explains Hawley.

Also learn about an asteroid outside Earth’s orbit

In ten years, Saab Aerospace wants to send another mission to the asteroid, this time from Earth’s orbit. The satellite flies around the asteroid and uses a laser to determine the structure of its surface, which will replace the asteroid with its heat. The laser evaporates a portion of the asteroid and the hyperspectral camera determines its structure and the structure of the meteorite plasma. However, this is not the only technology: “In the future, we can imagine a small satellite examining interplanetary dust emitted by asteroids using mass analyzers, as demonstrated by the Slavia satellite,” explains scientist Martin Ferrus.

Chekhov can carry out exploration of alien mining with powers

A scientist at the Prague Institute of Physical Chemistry attaches great importance to extraterrestrial mining in the future, as some commodities may become scarce on Earth over time. Examples are lithium or rare earth elements. “Here you can see the great potential of the universe in the coming decades or centuries,” he says.

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But more importantly, the earth may be mined for goods such as iron or titanium, but bringing them into space to build large structures such as space stations is very expensive and unscientific. In short, “local” resources will be used. “Alien mining will greatly accelerate space construction and design activities,” he warns.

Thanks to the Slavic mission, the Czech Republic will be able to conduct such a systematic test on the structure of alien life and its usefulness to humans. It can theoretically be established with the technical powers intended to mine raw materials into space. “We believe the mission will steer us in the right direction, opening up unimaginable possibilities for even smaller states in the future,” Martin Ferrus believes.

Extension is human nature

The Czech scientist is not afraid of the black situation, according to which man will begin to plunder space objects on Earth, wrote James Cameron in the famous and commercially successful film Avatar. During the film month of Pandora, the natives lived like humanoids, and the largest site of precious rock was at the center of their lives.

“In my opinion, development is human nature. Calling it plunder is a very powerful manifestation. Expansion will continue as long as we plan and act on it. It depends on the title of humanity,” says the scientist. He does not want to be a “utopian optimist,” but in his opinion there is no good reason to be pessimistic. As he says, there is no life on asteroids that could be mined in the future, and in his opinion there are enough raw materials in the universe.

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He also sees great potential in the fact that space projects are a prime example of peaceful cooperation between states. “Perhaps this development will unite mankind. And, in a place where there is enough space for all, there is no reason to argue,” he said. Physicist Martin Ferrus will be even more surprised that the avatar script will happen. “But never say no – for example, Christopher Columbus’s adventure was a brave discovery adventure, and it’s not only good for everyone involved,” he adds.

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