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Check out Elon Musk’s track record ahead of Tesla ‘Battery Day’

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When Elon Musk last performed a Tesla briefing similar to the Battery Day event he was hosting this week, he was proud of his track record of keeping big promises.

“All this, I said we would do, we did,” Musk said on Tesla’s April 2019 Autonomy Day. “Criticism only – this is a fair one – sometimes I’m not on time. But I’m done with it and the Tesla team is done with it. ”

The chief executive was right about some things, and it took Tesla more time than he had predicted things would bring to market. Many of the products he highlighted in the events that destroyed his Silicon Valley-vision image are commercialized, which he does not acknowledge is still unavailable or completely abandoned.

The 49-year-old Musk will not sell a commodity to investors on Tuesday – batteries are a key component of the current products and technology that has made Tesla one of the world’s most valuable companies. But the tendency to overwork has made the millionaire such a divider.

Here is a look back at what Musk has promoted at live events over the years:

Model X – February 2012

Less than 20 months after Tesla’s initial public offering, it said it had not offered the first Model S sedans when a prototype of the Model X was released, and that it would go into production by the end of 2013.

The crossover SUV arrived almost two years late and received its first customers in September 2015. He first noticed the unveiling of the Model X – its double-hinged “Falcon Wing” doors – which later slowed down the SUV’s rollout and Musk later blamed for the disappointing deliveries trying to do too much with the vehicle.

During the unveiling, Musk claimed that the doors did not climb higher than the rear hatchback of a typical SUV, but some customers opened their garage to the ceiling. While the Model X has consistently had a poor score in the customer reports rankings, Tesla’s other vehicles have scored better.

Battery Swap – June 2013

This is one of Musk’s more problematic presentations, because the product offer never materialized.

Musk said Model S drivers can choose to have their batteries loaded with Tesla superchargers at all times, or drive to stations that contain the same type of automated equipment used at the company’s factory, which will transfer one pack to another. He proved that this would happen in less time than filling the gas tank.

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Tesla later began charging for supercharger usage, and Musk said the consumer was not interested in battery pack swaps. The California Air Resources Board granted Zero-emission vehicle credits in addition to Tesla based on the company’s plan to offer battery swaps, but changed its rules within a year of Musk’s performance.

Dual Motor and Autopilot – October 2014

Days before his appearance, Musk sent a nigo tweet: “It’s time to unveil D and something else.” The D stands for the dual motor version of the Model S, the other is the autopilot, which turned out to be nothing more than a thought about the Tesla.

The chief executive said all cars built within two weeks of the event were equipped with radar, image recognition cameras and ultrasonic sonar. It lists features such as “the car can do almost anything,” lane keeping, automatic cruise control, self-parking, and the ability for owners to call the vehicle in a parking lot. Claims that the autopilot would one day render Teslaus capable of self-driving did not come until later.

In 2016, Tesla went through a dirty break with Mobile, the leading supplier of early autopilot hardware. Since its introduction of its draw feature in 2019, some owners have posted footage of their cars getting into scraps with other vehicles or avoiding accidents. Consumer reports call it “glitchy”.

Tesla Energy – May 2015

By not only collecting energy from solar panels, but also storing it in batteries for the home, Musk provided a vision of using the sun – or “this handy fusion reactor in the sky”.

“Right now, they’re sucking up the problem with existing batteries,” he said, adding that they are expensive, unreliable, smelly, dirty and “bad in every way”. The missing Tesla, 500 3,500 powerwall, “looks like a beautiful sculpture on the wall,” he said. Users will not have to worry about running out of power and they will be off the grid. The product may be particularly useful for scaling globally and in remote areas of the world where intermittent or expensive electricity is available.

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In the five years since the incident, the main attraction of Tesla’s business has been cars, with automotive revenue accounting for 86 percent of revenue in the last quarter. Musk said the business was a “cell starvation,” meaning that Tesla did not have the supply of battery cells to support cars and powerwalls.

Model 3 – March 2016

Tesla was able to follow many of the features that Musk offered for the Model 3, including at least 215 miles. He laughed at the crowd, referring to his tendency to miss the deadline when announcing early deliveries: “I’m pretty sure this will happen next year.”

The event was a resounding success, with Tesla investing millions in its first affordable and high-end car.

But one major promise the company failed to keep was a starting price of $ 35,000. Three years later, Musk announced plans to close most of Tesla’s stores as a cost-cutting measure, which would allow the car to be offered at that cost. 10 days later he went back. Today, the cheapest model 3 is $ 37,990.

Solar Roof – October 2016

Months after he called the acquisition a “blind clear” and “stupid” acquisition, he helped Tesla shareholders work behind a plan to buy SolarCity, a co-founding solar sales-installation business Solarcity. With his cousins.

On stage, Musk raised different types of roof tiles using solar cells. A few weeks later, the shareholders approved a $ 2 billion acquisition.

I think the combination of Tesla and Solarcity makes strategic sense. Hindsight is 20-20, ”Musk said in an investment two and a half years later. “If I can return the clock, you know, I’ll tell you [I]Perhaps Solarcity would have allowed itself to run. ”

Semi, Roadster – December 2017

Time will tell whether the semi-truck actually offers “semi-infinite” brake life and “thermonuclear explosion proof” glass. The company will start production in 2019, the chief executive said. Now it will start next year.

Unveiling the surprise cargo on one of the trucks, Mr. Musk tossed the show-goers: he said a new roadster prototype was “the fastest production car ever built.”

The chief executive withdrew plans to make the car available this year. In May, he listed several other jobs that Tesla would first need to achieve, suggesting that it would not arrive until next year.

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Model Y – March 2019

Production of the Model 3 is fully underway after a tumultuous year after Musk said Tesla arrived within weeks of being paid, and he thanked the audience for supporting the company during a difficult period. He imitated his critics – “You are a fraud!” – And the company offered a report referring to the cars they handed over: “You can run that scam!”

To Tesla’s credit, the Model Y arrived much earlier than scheduled. Musk said during the event that the crossover will reach consumers by the end of 2020. That timeline was accelerated to March.

Autonomy Day – April 2019

Tesla’s technical walk with senior engineers on the autopilot team began with a presentation that lasted for hours. Mr. Musk began to make regular bold predictions.

“We expect the first operating robotoxis to occur next year,” he said. “None of them. Next year. “Any customer can add their car to the Tesla network, a service that Musk described as a combination of Uber and Airbnb. , Musk predicted that the company would stop making cars with steering wheels or pedals.

None of this has happened yet. The chief executive said Tesla will have more than a million cars on the road by mid-2020 and will complete the hardware with full self-driving capabilities and features that vehicle owners do not need to pay attention to. Today, the company warns autopilot users to keep their hands on the wheel and on the road.

CyberTruck – November 2019

The prototype of Tesla’s first pickup took some time to fall short of expectations, with an over-the-top event featuring a hologram “cybergill”, sledgehammers and flame balls.

A demonstration of how hard the truck’s stainless steel “exoskeleton” was, the doors suffered several blows without gritting their teeth. But its attempt to show the strength of its transparent-metal “shield” glass was disastrous – a metal ball smashed the first and second row windows.

“Oh, not bad,” Musk said after the stunt got upset. “Room to improve.” – Bloomberg

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