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Cheated Uttarakhand Woman – News18Telugu

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Corruption is taking a new turn day by day. Fraudsters prove that if they are deceived, what they say will be deceived. Online scams are on the rise. A 50-year-old woman cheated the Golden Retriever by paying Rs 66 lakh for a puppy. The details are as follows.
A woman from Uttarakhand wants to buy a Golden Retriever puppy online for Rs 15,000 as a birthday present for her daughter. For this, he contacted Bobby Ibrahim, alias Ding Bob in Dehradun, online. He said it would be Rs 66 lakh with all transport charges. The woman trusted him and paid him Rs 66 lakh. She was skeptical because she asked for more money even after the payment was made.

She asked him to return the money. He also asked you to pay your dues. The woman lodged a complaint with the police. With this he went down to the field Cybercrime Police identified the man as a Cameroonian national from Bangalore. Uttarakhand police arrested him and took him to Dehradun. Uttarakhand DSP (STF) Ankush Mishra said the complaint was lodged after he lost Rs 66 lakh in an online scam through class. He was found to have swindled money from the accused by lying. Police said they seized electronic devices, more than a dozen phones, SIM cards, ATM cards, laptops and other electronic devices from the suspects. Currently charged Judicial STF SP Ajay Singh said he was taken into custody.

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