Cheat: “Two doses are like no wax”. Istituto Superiore di Sanità denies it

Cheat: "Two doses are like no wax".  Istituto Superiore di Sanità denies it

Rome, 11 January 2022 – “But you know those who did it Dose to be doneAm I a No-Wax? ” Social In the second, we were quoted by Professor Francesco as saying: , But those who took the booster dose “.

Clearly Controversy Served on a silver platter, because for those who have not been vaccinated, it’s a good game to say “data is fake” and in doing so you will understand why. Therapy is intense It’s full of things that are not vaccinated. “

To clarify the hurricane of fake news, we contactedHigher Institute of Health.

“ISS – this is explained to us in a note, – in the calculations, all cases, from those who were vaccinated with the first dose to those who were boosted separately, can be found in the weekly bulletin on efficacy online.” Well, looking at the bulletin numbers, we see that “the relative risk (infection, hospitalization, etc.) is lower for those who take the booster dose than for those who do not receive the vaccine. Those who have been vaccinated with a single dose or two for more than four months have an increased risk, while those who have not been vaccinated have a much lower risk.“Perhaps this is what Professor Vaya meant,” they observe from the press office, “even though the idea was actually explained in a somewhat difficult way.”

Not only that. The data referred to by the ISS indicate a period in which the delta variant and the omiciron were present together, which is much higher than the delta at which two doses were injected, according to initial studies. In this sense, “Perhaps in the coming weeks the relative risk of those with two doses will be closer to those who have not been vaccinated.Data from other countries, if confirmed, should be recorded, For those with a booster, stay low. “. In short, once againImportance of taking the third dose. But let’s go separately to see Table 6 of the last available bulletin In the appropriate category.

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It comes to that table Incidents of 100,000 reported COVID-19 cases, hospitalization, ICU admission, and 100,000 deaths; As well as the relative risk depending on the vaccination status and age of the last 30 days. Incidence, hospitalization rates, and intensive care admission are calculated for those who have not been vaccinated, with an additional / booster dose within 120 days, and who have been vaccinated for more than 120 full cycle cycles.

It needs to be remembered, it says, “That rule Extra dose / booster It started recently, and the first phase mainly involved only high-risk categories. “During the period 11/19/2021 – 12/19/2021 (712.7 hospitalizations per 100,000), the hospitalization rate (in the 80+ range) was estimated to be nine times higher, with a complete cycle of less than 120 days (80.7 hospitalizations per 100,000 people) being vaccinated. The extra dose / booster (17.0 hospitalization per 100,000) is forty-two times higher than that given for vaccination – the study highlights -. During the same period The ICU admission rate for unvaccinated people (in the 80+ range) (38.5 ICU admission per 100,000) is approximately thirteen times higher than the total cycle vaccination within 120 days (2.9 ICU admission per 100,000). Vaccinated with add-on / booster dose (0.8 ICU admission per 100,000). Analyzing the mortality rate (in the 80+ range) for the period 11/12/2021 – 12/12/2021, it was nine times higher than for those who were not vaccinated (266.6 per 100,000) who were vaccinated within a full cycle. At 120 days (29.4 per 100,000), the additional dose / booster (3.6 per 100,000) was seventy-four times more likely to be vaccinated.

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Within a day Higher Institute of Health A specific fake will be published to unleash another scam.

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