Châteaux Puynard and Magdeleine Bouhou turn to spirits

Châteaux Puynard and Magdeleine Bouhou turn to spirits

“They love France and have even lived in Paris”, translates Isabelle Bollatre, administrative manager of both castles. The owners of wine cellars in London, who decided to buy a wine property in Bordeaux, more specifically in Blaise, “they believe that this application is undervalued. It underestimates the potential and quality of the wine.

Their choice fell first on Château Peunard in Berson, where the couple lived and their three children were educated at the municipal school. Ireland and whiskey, we begin to understand that the connection is obvious. Added to this is the presence of Ludwig Vanneron, an oenologist who has been working at the château since 2016 and developed a plum eau-de-y on a former property in the Bergerac region. To perfect his skills, he “followed a training course that went as far as creating a distillery at the spirit center in Segonsac”.

Within eighteen months, the file for Two Origins Distillery was put together. Initially, Magdalene Bouho’s site hosts the “finishing” of whiskey. That is, he gets Irish whiskey that has already spent four years in the barrel; The mandatory minimum period to qualify for my “whiskey” mention is three years. The Irish spirit is refined in different barrels for seven months in Blay. These are chosen for the flavor qualities they can bring to the whiskey. Previously, they welcomed rum, toque, liqueurs, cherries, and bourbon.

The team doesn’t plan to stop there when it comes to spirit. She invested in a still made in Alsace because she had other projects. Ludwig Vanneron, known as “The Druid”, has created a gin recipe based on the top of the range “London Dry Gin” for this drink. For that, he chose juniper as the base ingredient, as well as 14 other plants, including basil, rosemary, verbena, and thyme, whose names he won’t divulge because, as a good-natured druid, he insists on keeping a portion of his potion. the secret The fort also has “the idea of ​​producing the necessary plants here.”

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Still used to make whiskey and gin.

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