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Charly Trussardi : l

The ultimate title beyond the Alps for Charlie Trussardi. The 24-year-old Schrum-Half won the Italian title last week, beating rivals Padova and his team-mate Rovigoi in a suspenseful final (23-20). A title that puts an end to the mixed transalpine experience on the positive note.

From Clermont to Rovigo via Beziers and Treviso

The young Schrum half, who trained at ASM Clermont, made a remarkable debut for Junard in the 2017-2018 season, taking advantage of several injuries on the Clermont team. Borrowing from Prodi 2 at Beziers next season, he made time to play at Benetton Treviso, one of the country’s top clubs, before embarking on a new adventure in Italy.

With little use, he decides to change the air this season and joins Rovigo. The need for a young player. “Treviso had a very complicated two years in Prov 14. To save time playing, I had a second club, where I could go from time to time and play a few games. […] At the end of the year, I had a meeting with them, where I earned my place as a holder. I lived in the final stages of the Italian Championship and I lived this experience, surprising all of us as Italian champions this year. ” A Choice of Paying.

Although they represent Italian cities, Benetton Treviso and Zebrae Rugby Club play in Pro14, the European Super League that includes teams from Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Italy. The Italian Championship is called the Top 10.

A league title against all obstacles with Rovigo

Joining the Italian club Rovigo, Charlie Trussardi did not become a favorite for the title. However, at the end of the regular season his team finished second in the championship.

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In the semi-finals, the former ASM faced his team’s ninth – placed Calvisano: far away, Rovigo lost 31-22, just two points (39-37 in two matches) to validate their ticket to the final before winning 17-6.

We went through a lot of emotions, whether it was the semi-finals or the final, ”Soukram-half told us. We lost in the first semi where we played the best rugby. We lost because the game beat us, but we know we are the best. The comeback, we were confident in ourselves, we knew we would win without respecting the precedent and the opponent. However, we did not know if this would be enough to qualify for the final. ” .

Charlie Trussardi: “We try not to go crazy …”

The final ticket torn from the courage that Rovigo will not rob against enemy Padova. “This is a derby,” explains Trussardi. Five years after winning his last title in 2016, his team will go on to win the Italian Championship 23-20.

“Winning a cup is unusual, as all athletes tell you. On a human level, it’s already crazy to win a championship, and rugby level, which is pretty much the same, especially with all the pressure, Trassardi says. Rovigo is actually a city where rugby lives, which does not really exist in Italy. “

« I want to go back to France next season. ”

Charlie Trussardi’s Italian adventure ends on a high note, despite his disappointment with his own club, Treviso. « This was not what I expected (arrived in Italy), the circumstances and my experience with Treviso disappointed me, but I won a title and made it beautifully in Rovigo .

The young Schruck, who is free to engage where he wants to next season, should return to play in half France. “ I’ve been in talks with several clubs right now, but I do not know where I will be next year. I want to go back to France. After this great year I had suggestions from Italian clubs, but I want to go back to France to find the highest level possible. We are now more than Pro D2 clubs. Says Charlie Trussardi.

This title for the Italian champions is the second in Charlie Trussardi’s career. In fact, he was France’s champion of the 2017-2018 season with ASM Clermont.

“ASM My Heart Club”

Charlie Trussardi admits that when comparing two titles in his young career, it seems difficult to make a choice. “It’s hard for me to say since I started rugby at ASM, I’ve played rugby here all my life, it’s really been my heart club, so winning a title with ASM is a really strong one. “So for a long time I’ve been short on this title, mainly because I’ve been to the finals,” he said.

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