Characters who were born on June 2 and are still remembered today

Characters who were born on June 2 and are still remembered today

Looking for characters born on June 2 in the world of politics, music, song, entertainment and sports.

Characters born on June 2nd Still remember:

Health procession
French writer
Born in Paris on June 2, 1740, the author is the Donets Alphonse Franോois de Sade, better known as Marquis de Sade, a living and experimental man …

Alessandro Conte de Cagliostro
Italian adventurer
Alessandro Count was born on June 2, 1743, in Cagliostro. Numerous biographies have attempted to unravel the mysterious adventurer that characterized the Enlightenment century: Taumaturge, “friend of mankind”, lover and popular …

Tenth Pius Pope
Pontif of the Italian Catholic Church
Giuseppe Melciore Sarto was born on June 2, 1835, in Rice, Treviso. Beyond that

Thomas Hardy
English poet and writer
Thomas Hardy, English poet and writer, was born on June 2, 1840, in Higher Bocompton (now Upper Bocompton), Dorset, England, the son of Thomas and Jemima. He started attending at the age of eight …

Johnny Weissmller
American actor and athlete
Janus Weimmർller, the son of Peter and Weissm‌ller and Erzbert Kerch, the forest and its champion, was born on June 2, 1904, in Friedord, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in what is now Romania.

Charlie Watts
English musician, Rolling Stones
Charles Watts was born in London on June 2, 1941, the son of Lillian and Charles, a truck driver, as Charles Robert Watts. He grew up in the northern part of the English capital and lives …

Italian Republic
On June 2, 1946, the Italians voted in a referendum to decide between the Republic and the monarchy. 54.3% of the electorate elect the Republic, with a margin of just 2 million …

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Tony Hadley
English singer, spando ballet
Anthony Patrick Haddley was born on June 2, 1960 in London. He attended the Owens Grammar School in Islington. Influenced by her mother, Josephine approached music from an early age: …

Walter Knud
Canadian actor, TV presenter, singer-songwriter, natural Italian karateka
Walter Nudo was born on June 2, 1970, in Montreal, Canada, the son of a Calabrian father and Tuscan mother. When he was ten, he moved with his family to Italy to live there …

Zachariah Quinto
American actor
Zachary John Quinto – Italian and Irish origin – born June 2, 1977 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Growing up with brother Joy and mother Margo (father dies of tumor …

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