Characters born today on July 13 are still remembered

Characters born today on July 13 are still remembered

Browse the world of politics, music, song, entertainment and sports in search of characters born today on July 13.

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Characters born today on July 13 are still remembered

Patrice D. McMahon
Third President of the French Republic
Marie Edme Patrice Maurice Mac-Mahon, Duchess of Magenta, was born on July 13, 1808 in Sully (France). She is from an Irish Catholic family…

Stanislav the Virgin
Italian chemist and politician
Stanislavo Cannizzaro, born in Palermo in 1826, was an Italian chemist and politician. He is remembered for Cannizzaro’s reaction and influential role in the atomic weight debates at the Karlsruhe Congress.

Tommaso Busetta
Repentance of the Mafia
The Redemption of Don Masino Tommaso Busetta was born on July 13, 1928 in Agrigento, a popular neighborhood, into a modest local family. Mother is an ordinary housewife, father does …

Hubert Reeves
Canadian astronomer and science writer
Hubert Reeves was born on July 13, 1932 in Montreal, Canada. After studying at the “Jean de Brebeuf” college in his hometown, he graduated in physics from the University of Montreal in 1953 and spent two years …

Piero Manzoni
Italian artist
Piero Manzoni was born on July 13, 1933 in Soncino, in the province of Cremona. He grew up in Milan, where he attended the Faculty of Law. His passion for art was born…

Harrison Ford
American actor and producer
Born on July 13, 1942 in Chicago, Harrison Ford is a true icon, one of the actors Harrison Ford is a true icon thanks to his class and characters.

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Carlo Tavecchio
Sports Executive
Carlo Tavecchio was born on July 13, 1943 in Ponte Lambro in the Brianza area of ​​Como. After graduating in accounting, he starts working in a bank, becoming the manager of Alta Cooperative Credit Bank …

Erno Rubik
Hungarian designer, inventor of the cube
Erno Rubik, inventor of the Rubik’s Cube, a world-famous puzzle of the same name, was born on July 13, 1944 in Budapest. His profession as an eclectic and artistic …

Catherine Brillett
French director and writer
Catherine Brillet, director, screenwriter and writer, was born on July 13, 1948 in Breseuir (France).

Piergio O’Difredi
Italian mathematician, essayist and scientist
Piergio Odifredi was born on July 13, 1950 in Cuneo into a family of surveyors. After studying the first four years of elementary school with the Guisepine Sisters, she has been studying since the fifth …

Maurizio Sacconi
Italian politician
Maurizio Sacconi was born on July 13, 1950 in Conegliano Veneto (Treviso). He holds a law degree and teaches labor economics at the University’s Faculty of Economics.

Robert Cotta
Italian politician
Roberto Cotta was born in Novara on July 13, 1968, the son of a lawyer from Foggia. Passionate about basketball and motorcycles, he graduated from the “Carlo Alberto” high school in his city in 1990…

Luca Bizzarri
Luca Bizzarri in 2016 (from Wikipedia)Italian actor, comedian and TV presenter
Luca Bizzarri was born on July 13, 1971 in Genoa. He is a successful actor, comedian, stand-up comedian and TV host. A big fan of the Genoa football team, it sometimes …

Elenora Pedron
Italian showgirl, actress and former model
Eleonora Pedron was born on July 13, 1982 in Camposampiro, near Padua. This date is of national historical significance and in some ways would have predicted the beauty’s “sporting” future…

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