Changing Jupiter’s orbit could make conditions on Earth more favorable for life

This idea is only hypothetical, but scientific research has made such a conclusion possible under many conditions.

“I wish the summer would never end” – you know who these wonderful words belong to, I’ll give you a hint: the husband of this honorable lady is now a patent foreign agent. So, in fact, scientists demonstrate that such a reality can be recreated if something is forced to move in a different orbit. So – “something”, this is the gas giant Jupiter. You’d think that such “nonsense” could be invented entirely by British scientists, but the California scientists breathing behind the British’s backs are more capable. Speaking more…

We all remember from the school course of astronomy why the seasons change, and why they change due to the more elongated orbit of the Earth closer to the oval: when the planet approaches the star as close as possible, summer reigns over us. As far away as possible, we have winter. It is already easy to make the assumption here that a perfectly circular orbit can make “summer all year round”. One way to do this is to change Jupiter’s orbit, making it more eccentric, because our planets are co-dependent and attract each other. True, there were some nuances: if, in addition to the radius of the orbit, the angle of inclination of Jupiter was changed, the Earth could tilt and “freeze” large parts of its surface. By the way, in a similar way one can find the so-called ExoplanetsEvery point in a planet’s orbit is potentially life-prone due to its equidistance from its parent star.

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