Chang’e-5 Ascending Docks with Orbital Module in Lunar Orbit

Chang'e-5 Ascending Docks with Orbital Module in Lunar Orbit


Successfully on Sunday, the China National Space Administration (NCMSA) redefined the orbiter-return combination in a lunar orbit on Karzai at 5:42 p.m.

This is the first time a Chinese spacecraft has performed a reunion and docking in a lunar orbit, marking the first human attempt at a rendezvous in an automatic lunar orbit.

CNSA reported that samples collected on the moon, which weighed about 2 kilograms, were transferred from the ascent to the return.

The Chang-5 mission is one of the most complex in Chinese aerospace history, and the world’s first lunar sample mission in more than 40 years.

Chang-5 quest involving an orbit, lander, ascent, and returnee Launched On November 24th, and its lander-ascending combination Touched down On December 1, north of Mons Rumker on the Oceanus Procellaram near the Moon, also known as the Storm Ocean.

After samples Collected and sealed, Ascending The moon came out of the surface On December 3rd.

The orbiter-return will separate from the next ascent and wait for the right time to start the journey to Earth.

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(With input from Xinhua)

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