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Champions Cup – Maxim Mermos’ eye: “Joe Marler no longer advancing”

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Maxime Mermoz, a former three-quarters international hub and now consultant at beIN SPORTS, analyzes the European eighth position held by French clubs. Without the waffle …

Ulster – Toulouse

Stade is six points behind Toulouse and its offensive Armada. Especially since Ulster could not find super dominance in the first quarter; In numerical excellence, the Irish did not score enough points to make a real difference. In Ravenhill, the main purpose of the tool is to knock the opponent into the racks and bring him back a little faster, as they sometimes do best in the first quarter. If he wins, there will be no one ahead. When the Toulouse play at their true level, nothing happens to them, even if the Irish public gives the Ulstermans a little extra spirit.

La Rochelle – Bordeaux-Begles

We can still say I’m bad at Bordeaux, but the union has been in a really bad mood in recent weeks. On the other hand, Stade Rochelleys seems to have regained its ability, strength and alliance. I’m not optimistic about the UBB taking place at the white hot Deflandre Stadium for this occasion.

Racing 92 – French Stadium

The French stadium was not played last Saturday to pick up Fifty in front of the public. But apart from character, the Parisians have nothing to offer. They have no particularly aggressive weapons, and here, I do not see what they can expect against Cial et Blanc. The first quarter was technically very weak, so I think Gayle Fikou’s teammates want to speed up in front of their audience and in the end the score will be very heavy …

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Lester – Clermont

Over the next few months, Lester figured out what to do if Clermont wanted to return to the top: a rebuild. The ASMCA may have big personalities, lack collective efficiency, and will not be able to compete with the Tigers this weekend, let alone on Wellford Road. To be honest, this English team without the real players, but with the most efficient centers (Guy Porter and Harry Potter) really impressed me, with 8 in the middle (Jasper Weiss) terrible. That’s a terrific community! In this sense, I do not see Clarmont turning the tide of history if Harry Potter does not swing his magic wand. But the truth is, no!

Harlequins – Montpellier

If the Harlequins continue to play champagne rugby as they did in the first quarter, they will not get much distance. Never forget, gentlemen, rugby starts from the front! For example, I have nothing against the pillar of Joe Marler, but I focused on him last weekend and he charged the whole match: he’s useless in the slum, he’s not making much progress in the game. Some people on this team are surfing with their fame or their sympathy capital. Marler, he’s great as a party host, he’s made great jokes, but he’s played back Sunday. When you compare him to Tigre Ellis Geng or Cyril Bailey, there is no comparison! And number 8, Alex Dombrand, hah! He does not exist against Zack Mercer, his vis-à-vis Montpellier! Clearly, if the MHR stays united in defense and does not make room for this intensely offensive team, they could easily win a ticket to the quarter-finals.

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