Champions Cup. ” La Rochelle hit the most painful ”, Irish media analyzes

CHAMPIONS CUP. ''La Rochelle a frappé là où ça faisait le plus mal'', analysent les médias irlandais

Leinster was hit hard in the back of the head. In the European Cup final against La Rochelle, the Jonathan Sexton’s team lost the match within minutes of the match, and after Arthur Ritter’s hard work, La Rochelle ended the siege in front of the Irish defense. The success of the Irish media questions and praised Leinster. Old problems still arise.

The old demons of Leinster

While Leo Cullen’s people were huge favorites for the fifth European player, they rose from a great team against defeating La Rochelle. Columnist Eddie O’Sullivan underscores the incredible statistics of Leinster, who made no effort in the final. “Attempts were scored for Leinster in the most important game“It was known that the Irish would often get in touch and make an effort instead of taking the penalties available to them. Marseille and Sexton systematically opted for penalties.

Again, physical adversity improved Leinster. As the Irish Times or The 42 recalls, Robbie Henshaw’s teammates came out against a physically strong team, both against Saracens twice in 2019 and 2020 and against La Rochelle last year. While the Irish were able to get out with fast balls, La Rochelle’s defense was notable for systematically slowing down Jamison Gibson-Park’s balls. Bernard Jackman explained in his Independent editorial that as a coach, he made sure his players learned to control their runs, movement and speed according to the ball outings, while Leinster and Gibson-Park could not adapt and change tactics. Bad. Their inaccuracy in passes did not allow Jimmy O’Brien and James Lowe to express themselves and endanger La Rochelle’s defense. Dillin Lloyds and Raymond Rule, on the other hand, were able to add weight to the game.

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At the top level the margin is very thin. But in this morning’s match analysis, it’s hard to see Leinster’s technical standards and performance leave them at the most important meeting of the season.

The scrum broke again, missed the touch, and the ball’s defense was affected, while Leinster could not keep up with La Rochelle’s physical condition.

In short. Surprising facts about Leinster that are hard to recover. Especially this summer all the final holders will challenge New Zealand with the XV of Clover. Another big challenge.

If the European Cup was a gift for the duel between Leinster and La Rochelle, another problem was at stake. Two of their teams’ Irish coaches, Ronan Ogara and Leo Cullen, were probably at odds over what the future position of the Ireland coach would be. The success of La Rochelle, even in the selection, gave ideas to journalists who see Ogara serving in Munster. “La Rochelle has gone from being an exciting team to watch playing to a team capable of winning“The Irish examiner comments that after the passing of Patrice Colosso and Jono Gibbes, the club’s transfer coach was seen in Ogara.

Tactically, Ogara realized that the keys to the final were the racks. Thus, the Independent underlined how the Rochelle forwards have targeted this area of ​​the game, just like any other team that has faced Leinster this season. Bernard Jackman, still in the editorial of the same newspaper, “La Rochelle was hit where it hurt the mostO’Gara, who has won twice in a row with his lifelong rival club, Leinster, while with Munster.

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Prior to the meeting, Stuart Lancaster (Leinster Editor’s Assistant Coach) La Rochelle emphasized that his team needed to improve. Learning from your failures is much easier than learning from your successes, even if it hurts.

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