Champions Cup, formation of two quarters to be held tomorrow – Rugby Champions Cup – RugbyMeet

Champions Cup, formation of two quarters to be held tomorrow - Rugby Champions Cup - RugbyMeet

Two amazing Champions Cup quarter-finals will take place at Sky Sport tomorrow at 4pm and 6.30pm: La Rochelle-Sail Sharks and Extension Chiefs-Leinster. Sunday, live in Clermont-Toulouse at 4 p.m .; Bordeaux-racing late at 23:15.

La Rochelle has the opportunity to play such an important game within its own walls after beating Gloucester away from home in its first match here. In terms of sales, another game is a long way off from Manchester United, but the team is confident after Lionelly’s smashing victory at the Park Y Scarlett, led by a great AJ McGinty. Thanks to this innovative format caused by the Pandemic crisis, both teams have the opportunity to play in the Champions Cup semi-finals.

Completely different routes for extension and Leinster. The English defeated Lyon without any problems, further demonstrating the effectiveness of their opponents’ quick free kick play in the 5m; In short, the Irish found themselves without playing in the quarter-finals of this match. Last week Tollon introduced a positivity within the group, and the power of things (and the calendar) was diverted by the Irish franchise taking advantage of this inconvenience.

At 4:00 pm the match will be “hungry” to load at 6:30 pm, where at Sandy Park in Exeter, hosts and Leinster will bring a real show to life.

However, Bordeaux Racing will host the Metro on Sunday at 13:30. The home team was very lucky to beat the really wasted Bristol in the second round. The Parisians have no problems, thanks to the team they built to give a show, they scored 56 points in the dull Edinburgh. However, in this match, they will have to do without last week’s perfect Teddy Thomas and Wakata.

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Clarmont and Toulouse challenge each other in the final quarter. If Saturday’s show is guaranteed by Extension-Leinster, it can only be determined for this match here. A heartfelt victory for Clermont for marking the Japanese extreme Matsushima in a timely manner with Wasps with Wasps at the Rico Arena in Coventry. Special result brought home from Toulouse Limerick by defeating Monster in historic Thomont Park.

Forms of the Champions Cup quarter-finals:

La Rochelle: 15 Bryce Dulin, 14 Dillin Lloyds, 13 Jeffrey Domiro, 12 Lewani Botia, 11 Raymond Rule, 10 Ihaya West, 9 Tavera Ker Barlow, 8 Victor Vito, 7 Kevin Gordon, 6 Gregory Aldrit, 5 Will Scholes (4) .), 3 Uni Atonio, 2 Pierre Bourgarit, 1 Red Ward

Available: 16 Fasundo Bosch, 17 Danny Prizo, 18 Arthur Jolie, 19 Thomas Lawt, 20 Vian Liebenberg, 21 Thomas Berjon, 22 Jules Plison, 23 Pierre Agillon

Sales Sharks: 15 Simon Hammersley, 14 Byron McGuinn, 13 Sam James, 12 Rohan Jansey van Rensberg, 11 Marland Yard, 10 AJ McGinty, 9 Faf de Clerk, 8 Dan du Preece, 7 Tom Curry, 6 Jean-Luc du Preez (5 Josh Beaumont) C), 4 Cobus Weiss, 3 Wilgriff John, 2 Acre van der Merwe, 1 Bevan Road

Available: 16 Curtis Langdon, 17 Rose Harrison, 18 Coenist Stuyson, 19 James Phillips, 20 Cameron Neald, 21 Rafi Quirk, 22 Robert Du Pree, 23 Luke James

Extension Chiefs: 15. Stuart Hogg, 14. Ollie Woodburn, 13. Henry Slade, 12. Ollie Devoto, 11. Tom O’Flaherty, 10. Joe Simmonds (cap.), 9. Jack Ma Undernder, 7. Jack Vermulan, 8. Sam. Simmonds, 6. Dave Evers, 5. Johnny Hill, 4. Johnny Gray, 3. Tom Francis, 2. Luke Cowan-Dickey, 1. Ben Moon.

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Available:16. Jack Yendil, 17. Alec Hepburn, 18. Harry Williams, 19. Sam Skinner, 20. Janus Kirsten, 21. Stu Townsend, 22. Harvey Skinner, 23. Ian Wheaton.

Leinster: 15. Hugo Keenan, 14. Jordan Larmore, 13. Rory O’Lowlin, 12. Robbie Henshow, 11. James Lowe, 10. Johnny Sexton (cap.), 9. Luke McGrath, 7. Josh van der Flyer, 8. Jack. Conan, 6. Rice Ruddock, 5. Devin Toner, 4. Scott Fardy, 3. Tadg Furlong, 2. Ronan Keller, 1. Cian Healy.

Available:16. James Tracy, 17. Ed Byrne, 18. Andrew Porter, 19. Rose Moloney, 20. Ryan Baird, 21. Hugh O’Sullivan, 22. Rose Byrne, 23. Dave Kearney.

Bordeaux-Beagles: 15 Romaine Bureau, 14 Santiago Cordero, 13 Joram Mofana, 12 Remy Lamerath, 11 Ben Lam, 10 Matthew Jalibert, 9 Maxim Luke, 8 Scott Higginbotham, 7 Guido Box, 6 Cameron Walkie, 5 Cyril Cox Douglas, 3 Cobilas, 2 Clement Maynodier, 1 Jefferson Poirot (c)

Available: 16 Joseph Dweba, 17 Lekso Kaulashvili, 18 Ben Tameifuna, 19 Thomas Jolmes, 20 Alexandre Roumat, 21 Yann Lesgourgues, 22 Ulupano Seuteni, 23 Nans Ducuing

Racing 92: 15 Emiliano Bofelli, 14 Louis Dupichot, 13 Olivier Clemensack, 12 Courtley Beale, 11 Juan Imhoff, 10 Antoine Gibert, 9 Maxim Machenod (C), 8 Jordan Joseph, 7 Baptiste Chou Xnox, 6 Wayne, , 4 Boris Palu, 3 Cidet Gomezza, 2 Camille Chat, 1 AD Ben Aroos

Available: 16 Teddy Bub Bigny, 17 Guram Gogishashvili, 18 George Henry Columb, 19 Luke Jones, 20 Ibrahim Diallo, 21 Teddy Iribaran, 22 Francois Trin-duck, 23 Donovan Taufifenuva

Clermont: 15 Kottaro Matsushima, 14 Damien Penard, 13 George Molala, 12 Wesley Fofana, 11 Aliveretti Racca, 10 Camille Lopez (C), 9 Morgan Para, 8 Fritz Lee, 7 Alexander Fisher, 6 Judicial Concours, 5 Sebastia, Peseli Yato, 3 Christian Ojovan, 2 Adrian Pelisik, 1 Penny Rowai

Replacement: 16 Etienne Forcade, 17 Daniel Bibi BCV, 18 Raba Slimani, 19 Paul Jedrasiak, 20 Tiba ud Lannon, 21 Arthur Ituria, 22 Sebastian Bessie, 23 Tim Nanai-Williams

Tall Loose: 15 Maxim Modard, 14 Cheslin Kolbe, 13 Zack Holmes, 12 Pita Ahki, 11 Mathis Label, 10 Romain Natamak, 9 Antoine DuPont, 8 Jerome Kaino, 7 Francois Cross, 6 Selvasio Tolofuva, 5 Richie Arnold, 3 Fomuna, 2 Julian Marchand (c), 1 Cyril Bailey

Available: 16 Ptolemaic, 17 Clement Castes, 18 Dorian Aldegeri, 19 Joe Tekori, 20 Thibad Flement, 21 Alban Places, 22 Baptist Jermaine, 23 Joan Huget

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