[C’était mieux avant] “I would like to see Olivier Triebel again, a gardener like me…”

[C'était mieux avant] "I would like to see Olivier Triebel again, a gardener like me..."

Pascal Meyers was a great Luxembourg rider in the 90s, but today he regrets that he never turned professional.

Your biggest regret?

Pascal Meyers: I got into the French team of Saint-Quentin at the highest French amateur level, a very good experience, and two years later, I was selected by the team to compete in the Tour de France. I could have stayed there if I wanted to. This experience must have been very powerful. Otherwise, I never understood why I didn’t get into the list of COSL executives.

Your biggest success?

In 1992 I won the first stage of the Tour des Vosges and spent two days in yellow. At 4 I got tired and gave upE stage. We matched the Bertrange team, but we weren’t armed enough to defend the yellow jersey. Frenchman Pascal Chantour won.

Strongest runner you’ve run with?

I would say the Polish Zbig Krasniak who competes on the other side of the border for Messina-Amneville. He won the Faber Grand Prix, a big stage race at the time. He refused to turn professional. He earned more money by remaining an amateur. He excelled in all fields including cyclo cross. A runner

His handiwork

A former national cyclo-cross champion (1993) ahead of Jean-Pierre Drucker Sr. and Laurent Walk, Pascal Meyers has won the amateur road racing championship three times. In the 90s, he was one of the best active riders in Luxembourg.

Lost runner you want to see again?

A gardener like me, but I’d like to see Olivier Triebel, Pascal’s little brother, near Boston. We both laughed. We did a lot of stupid things…

The best runner?

Francis DaSilva. I did Fleche du Sud with ACC contour with him. He was returning from Pros. I finished Luxemburger first, but he was stronger than us. He guided us perfectly. A good boy.

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The craziest?

Pascal Tribal. With him we went a long way in laughter. But he was also serious. There was no other runner as capable as him to train every day in all weathers. It was a difficult…

At the Small States Games in Andorra, we celebrated my title so much that I passed out during the reception!

The biggest party?

In 1991 I won the cycling competition at the Games of the Small States in Andorra. We celebrated my title so much that I passed out during the reception!

Your biggest argument?

This is not a dispute, but a fight in the German Cup competition in 1991. I had a fight with a Russian rider who hit me. Suddenly, my oakley glasses fell on a grass field. It was driving me crazy. Even given a hell of a boost. The day went so badly that I locked myself into the sprint: I had the legs to win!

Your biggest mistake?

During the 1993 Games of the Small States in Malta, the national coach (Lucien Richard) gave us an appointment for a first training session. I was with Pascal Triebel, Mark Leider and Luke Stims. It was a Monday and the day before we were competing in the final stage of the Fleche du Sud. Lucien had asked us to take two cans for the three-hour outing. We didn’t want to, because the fatigue of La Fleche made itself felt. Instead, we hired a boat to take a trip out to sea and we were so stupid that at one point Mark fell out of the boat. We never saw him again. Then, he reappeared safe and sound! When we got back, Lucian was furious and made us believe that a COSL delegation was looking for us. But the next day, Mark forced himself on me. Everything is back to normal!

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Your best bike?

A steel Columbus 90’s Pinarello, an SLX if I remember correctly. I always love to get into Italian brands.

Your worst bike?

When I was at Bertrange we were on a bike that was given to me by a sponsor. The frame was heavy. Often, when it’s free, it’s not worth much. Otherwise, in Saint-Quentin, we had MBKs that we don’t have fond memories of. We first set up the brand’s entry-level Shimano 105.

Your worst fall?

At a race in Spain, it was very hot and the road was very slippery. Sliding at 60 km/h, I burned the entire top of my right leg. I still have pain there today. The bark struggled to recover.

Sports director who impressed you the most?

National coach Lucian Richard. I spent a lot of time with him at races and I have fond memories of him. He knew how to relax the atmosphere and motivate us.

Sliding at 60 km/h, I burned the entire top of my right leg. To this day I often have pain in this area

Worst sports director?

When I was racing at Saint-Quentin, I didn’t like the pressure the sports director put on us when the team president came to the race. I couldn’t take the phrase anymore: “Today, we have to win, the president is in the race…” But at the beginning of a race, everyone wants to win. No need to tell us…

An exchange that could have been made?

Little did I know that in 1990, when I won a famous Dutch race of 180 kilometers across three countries: the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, no pro team wanted me. But, I waited… Of course I missed a good manager.


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Pascal Meyers (53) is a gardener in the municipality of Luxembourg. He is married to Miriam Keller, a top-level cyclist and competitor in major international competitions, on the team of former French world champion Catherine Marcel, and is the father of two children. Two cyclists who have chosen football for ages, in F91. The Meyers family settled in Dudelange. Eric Mears (24) scored runs for CT Keildaal, with Charel poached from Alsatian club VCU Schweinheim, who will be managed by ex-pro John Gadret next season. As they run, Pascal Meyers is clearly on the ground. As in better days.

The day you decided to end your career?

I remember well, it was in 1997 at Fleche du Sud. The riders I hit earlier let me go. I couldn’t follow anymore. It was a time when many people were into EPO. I wanted to play sports for fun.

The story you never told?

Bjarne Riss won the 1990 Tour of the European Community and we ran in a mixed Luxembourg-Ireland team, with Irish help. I went through all the stages without getting a single supply, as they did not recognize us in the Luxembourg jersey. So the assistants distributed their green jerseys exclusively to the Irish.

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