Centro Areta Web launched a webinar to teach people how to heal their wounds

Centro Areta Web launched a webinar to teach people how to heal their wounds

The Areté Catholic Psychology Center A web-based webinar that teaches psychiatrists a way to help reconcile and heal emotional wounds from psychiatry and the Catholic faith has been announced.

Director of Center Areta and holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology; Humberto del Castillo Drago, “There are ‘adverse conditions, traumatic injuries or psychological trauma’ caused by various mental problems and disabilities, many of which are unknown.”

Del Castillo explained that trauma is the trauma of a person that causes pain, suffering, depression, anxiety and panic.

“Who doesn’t ‘heal their wounds’, it’s not uncommon for them to feel depressed or anxious, without a sense of life, without an individual project, fighting different people and feeling victimized by the world and the people around them,” he added.

The psychiatrist ressed that these wounds were “an impediment to the spiritual growth and emotional and mental maturity of the people,” so “it is essential for the healing and reconciliation of the wounds of personal history.”

To achieve this, a treatment model or methodology has been developed from a Catholic perspective that focuses on healing wounds called “reconciliation psychotherapy,” said Del Castillo, one of its main predecessors.

In his book “Reconciliation of Personal History”, the psychiatrist states that in order to achieve “personal reconciliation” one must open up to the “most important wound healing process” in their personal history.

“Therefore, the goal is reconciliation, healing, and healing. It is about confronting and changing the consequences it has created, because these “events can occur in the present life of each individual,” he added, adding that the process “can take years depending on the subject or specific event.”

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Addressing people suffering from emotional trauma, Del Castillo said, “While this may seem impossible, it is possible if you have a look of hope and confidence in God and His grace in you.”

To help more people learn more about this treatment model, the web-based Webinar Center Arette will offer a web site that wants to help everyone “begin the path to their healing and reconciliation.”

The conference speakers will be entitled “Learn to Heal Your Wounds,” and Manica Caballero Andrായde, a Catholic clinical psychologist associated with Central Aurangzeb, graduated in Reconciliation Psychotherapy with Del Castillo, author of the book Reconciliation.

On Tuesday, June 22 at 8:00 pm (Bogota time) the event will be public and targeted via the Zoom platform. People who want to sign up to participate in the webinar can click Here.

The Arette Center is the first Spanish-speaking Catholic center in Medelln, Colombia, created in 2012. It aims to develop a holistic and non-Catholic psychiatry that enables people to live a virtuous life, through various courses ranging from a harmonious and healthy life, to conferences, diplomas and diplomas.

In addition to Psychology at Home, the center also offers events such as Escula Amorus, Escula de Familios Virtuosas and Somos Contego. In addition, a virtual diploma in reconciliation psychotherapy, radio programs at Santa Maria La Paz, educational resources such as the Aretta series on the EWTN, the “Psychology and Virtue” blog, “Flash Array”, and “Cracer” audios.

In addition, it has a staff of professionals registered with the Catholic Psychologists Network, which helps many people improve their mental functioning.

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