Center bans government employees from using VPN, Google Drive and Dropbox

Center bans government employees from using VPN, Google Drive and Dropbox

The central government has taken an important decision regarding cloud platforms. Private companies have banned government employees in India from using third-party cloud platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox. In addition, it imposes restrictions on government employees in the case of Virtual Private Network (VPN).

It is learned that the Center has directed the VPN service providers to abide by the laws of India or leave India permanently. VPN service providers Nord VPN, Express VPN and India were dissatisfied with the Centre’s stance and removed VPN networks.

It is in this context that the Center has initiated efforts to implement the new VPN Act. According to various reports, the National Informatics Center (NIC) has already issued instructions to all ministries regarding VPN rules, which have been approved by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

These are the rules laid down by the Center for VPN companies

Last May, the Center imposed restrictions on VPN companies. The companies were ordered to act in accordance with those rules. Or suspend operations from India. Look at the rules and regulations imposed by the Center on VPN services

The subscriber must enter the correct name for the customer

Specify how long the services will be used

Provide IPs to users

At the time of registration, e-mail, IP address and time stamp details should be included.

However, they should let the customer know why they are taking the VPN.

The correct address and contact numbers should be provided.

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Subscribers must submit the ownership pattern.

The center instructed the VPN service provider. It is in this context that the Center is implementing this new law. The latest central decision will cause huge losses to VPN service providers. In addition, reports indicate that the center has instructed employees to stop using cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Anyidesk that too
The center also said it would use VPN, cloud services, team viewer, Anidesk and YMV admin. It also clarified that the domestic communication system does not use government and third party e-mails for duty related activities. Indicates access to third-party video conferencing services for remote and virtual assemblies.

Read Center Sensational Notification on VPN Services

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