Celtic League Pro 14 with rugby, Treviso and Parma participating in four Super Teams from South Africa How the Rainbow Cup works

For most people who were not born in the narrow Oval Italian Islands, rugby is definitely more understandable, here’s the new format with the once Celtic League Welsh, Scottish teams – franchises, and then the Irish. Finally Italian from 2010, then second choice from 2017 South Africans have stayed at home this season because of Kovid.

Then the Celtic League, then the Pro 12, then the Pro 10, and finally the Pro 14. In fact, it’s not over because we have agreed to create four South African Super Teams from Joberg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town (Tribute, now far, far away). I do not know how much focus is on this case, in Nelson Mandela’s Rainbow Nation): Everyone has the resources to rival the entire Italian Federugobi and the ability to defeat the Italian national team itself. Lucky them. Exactly ten years ago, Italy was selected to form two franchises to lift the most talented players from the depths of the endangered Italian Championship and send them to war only in Europe. The fact that the results of Bennett Treviso and Aeroni Viadana, who later replaced Zebras, were below expectations is directly related to the national team’s bad ideas based on 95% of the players in these two franchises. Business, on the other hand, is guaranteed because CVC recently bought 28% of the equity fund Pro 14, sprinkling Italy with millions of euros. Losers, but rich. It only gets worse.

The overall situation of this match, which brings together the Celts, Latinos and South Africans, is difficult to understand (and because of the visibility this cup will remain in the dozen) and the relative attraction to potential neophytes. This Amba Aradan should explain to readers every year who is watching the do’s and don’ts of those who see the strings of this cup circulating in sports newsrooms (except Veneto or Parma media). Well, patience is a virtue of rugby, let’s move on.

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Why South Africans in the European Cup? Yes, because franchisees (actually representing some of the older states that make up the South African Confederation locally) are tired of South Africans playing ping pong in the Pacific and Atlantic to face the Australians. , The New Zealanders and Argentines found support in Europe long before the Pandemic (in favor of the same time zone) and now it is the second most important “European” Cup, as the strongest English and French clubs do not lower themselves under the champions.

Below you will find the new setup for next season, the beginning of which is in progress and the end of the version in question. Tip: If you want to start watching Pro 14, start the matches between South Africans and Irish.

The current Guinness PRO14 season ends in March, allowing participating clubs and South African super rugby teams to continue their season by participating in the new 16-team “Rainbow Cup” ahead of the Lions’ tour of South Africa.

After consulting with key partners involved in PRO14, including clubs and federations, the Guinness PRO14 Rainbow Cup was found to be the best way to enter the four South African super teams, the Vodacom Bulls, the Emirates Lions and the Celsey Sharks, once the season was over. DHL Stormers in Northern Hemisphere Rugby.

This decision allows PRO14 European teams to qualify for the 2021/22 European Cups through a fair and equitable process.

Ahead of the 2021 tour of the British and Irish Lions in South Africa, the Guinness PRO14 Rainbow Cup will be a high-profile show for fans, with some of the strongest athletes in the two hemispheres engaged in building new rivals and competing for call-ups. Related Citizens.

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Until the final whistle of the season, PRO14 Television Partners guarantees a great rugby offer: Premier Sports, Air Sport, S4C, TG4, Dawson, Super Sport.

How it works

The Guinness Book of World Records for PRO14 2020/21 ends after 16 regular season rounds, with a final in March of the respective conference winners.
Eligibility for the 2021/22 EPCR European Cup will normally be determined by placements at the end of the season.
The Guinness PRO14 Rainbow Cup kicks off on April 17 with the participation of Vodacom Bulls, Emirates Lions, Cell C Sharks and DHL Stormers, with several world champion athletes competing with several South African super teams.
The Guinness Book of World Records includes a group stage and a final between the winners of the two groups

Final stages of Guinness PRO14 2020/21
The twelfth to the sixteenth days will take place between February 20th and March 20th.

A team with the best final rankings will play a final at home. This short formula is a round-trip calendar of conferences that allows each team to complete their matches outside of their home conference.

The scheduled dates for the conclusion of Guinness PRO14 are:

XII Day 20 February
XIV Day 6 March
XV Day 13 March
XVI Day 30 March
Last March 27

Upon completion of Match Day 6, the best ranked teams in each conference will qualify for the 2021/22 Heineken Champions Cup. Requirements for playoffs are under review.

Guinness PRO14 Rainbow Cup
As South Africa prepares to host its first Lions Tour since 2009, the world champions will see their super teams, the Vodacom Bulls, the Emirates Lions, the Celtic Sharks and the DHL Stormers – Ireland, Italy and Scotland offer Wales.

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Players aiming for the Lions call-up will have the best chance to challenge themselves against South African world champions Cieta Coliseum, Peter Steff du Toit, Duane Vermulan, Ekton Giants and former Guinness World Record holder Macasol Mapimipi. .

The Guinness Book of World Records starts the PRO14 Rainbow Cup on April 17 with two groups of eight teams, one Irish, two South African, two Welsh, one Italian and one Scottish team.

Each team will play a one-way match against the other members of their group, and the first-class two will compete in the final on June 19.

Fifty-seven games, the best Springbox World Champions in the Guinness PRO14 Rainbow Cup will see as many British and Irish Lions as possible, all of whom have decided to make their mark and influence their respective selectors ahead of their historic summer tour.

PRO14 Rugby CEO Martin Anay said: “At a historic moment when our sport is facing the biggest challenge, we have some comforting news about an innovative solution to partner with South Africa ahead of the Lions tour.

Working with all the caching parties was crucial to ensure that our twelve teams had a clear qualifying process for the European Cups. It’s hard to imagine more people with a Lions tour than the best Celtic team athletes taking on the world champion Springbox in the Guinness PRO14 Rainbow Cup. ”

SN Rugby CEO Jury Rooks said: “The inclusion of South African super teams in the Rainbow Cup is a special moment for South African rugby. After many crises and uncertainties in 2020, we are all very excited about the possibility of a return to international club rugby. “

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