Cell phones and cancer – what a new study shows

Cell phones and cancer - what a new study shows

There is no link between cell phone use and the risk of brain cancer in young people Environmental.

Scientists have studied how exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) from wireless devices (mobile and fixed) can affect brain tumors in young people. The result is that no causal relationship has been found between this type of cancer and the use of radio frequency (RF) and very low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields.

How the study was conducted

During the study, data were analyzed on a sample of 899 young people aged 10 to 24 years with brain tumors. The majority of participants in the study used cordless phones, even at a young age. The study found that most tumors were neuroepithelial and glioma.

At the same time, scientists agree that the number of patients is not yet sufficient to assess all the consequences of mobile phone use.

Commenting on the study, Blochin, Deputy Director of Research and Education at the Blochin Research Institute for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, drew attention to its relevance. As the expert explained today, many people still believe that the use of mobile phones can cause unscientific cancer.

“Cell phones do not cause malignant tumors in the brain, other organs and systems in children. Basically, such cancers do not depend on environmental factors because they are called fetal tumors and have very different developmental causes,” he said.

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