Celebrity Travel Challenges Sunday evening, “Wok-WM” celebrates a comeback – fernsehserien.de

Celebrity Travel Challenges Sunday evening, "Wok-WM" celebrates a comeback - fernsehserien.de

Sunday Celebrity Travel Challenges

It starts with a big change on Sunday, October. Rosemann describes this step as follows: On Sunday evening the spectators are in a special visual setting. Work week begins, but you wish the weekend was not over yet. We want to enhance the weekend experience with our new Sunday evening eventsIn the opinion of ProSieben Bose. That’s why all of our first four Sunday programs have similar elements: our viewers can accompany celebrities on Sunday evenings to places they crave in new formats. And enjoy the adventure from the couch. You can relax and see how celebrities take on a particular role and immerse themselves in exciting countries, cultures and worlds. Great pictures, exciting stories, tasks, experiences – dream on the weekends.

In particular, the working title is one of these formats “Country Challenge”. Celebrities from different countries are expected to address the challenges live on Sunday evening. For example, a choir of 1,000 in front of the Sydney Opera House sings “Waltzing Matilda”, Australia’s most popular folk song. For example, another celebrity is said to have found ten newlyweds who dare to do a bungee jump in South Africa. Depending on the task, candidates may have time to prepare. When it comes to resolution, viewers are there live: each episode must have four live broadcasts in four countries. At the end of each episode, viewers decide which celebrity has convinced them the most.

The second format is called “Mission: Job Unknown” – That’s exactly what it says: For the time being, in six episodes, the celebrities are sent on a special journey, where they work as two teams looking for new jobs. They do not know in advance what they are going to do. What do Sven Hannavald and Mario Bassler look like as lifeguards in Mexico? How do Lucy Diakovska and Nadja Beniza work as ghost hunters in Ireland? How talented are Vivian Geppert and Thomas Hayo as bodyguards in the US? Do Oliver Poacher and Laura Caracas make cheese only at a cheese farm in Romania? Is there a snack for Verona and San Diego Booth at a chocolate shop in Venice?

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And in “Local Hero” For celebrities, it’s about getting jobs done in distant lands. However, in this case, the two rivals are directly competing with each other in a national duel. The two celebrities are each immersed in culture, country and people. They get information about the customs of their country from local experts, and they present traditional, insane, physical and mental challenges not found in a travel guide. Who handles the challenges well? Who is facing the traditions of countries like Scotland, Mexico or Japan? The winner gains fame, respect and invaluable immortality in their country.

The fourth format carries the working title “The most dangerous roads in the world”. A total of 16 celebrities are behind a special adventure. In pairs, they try to master the most dangerous route in a country by car. Who can reach Peru through the rainforest and the muddy path? Who are the pits in the highlands of Bolivia pushing to their limits? Who overcame their fear of heights on the coastal road in Madagascar? In their journey, celebrities get to know the country and its people and their travel partners from an unexpected angle. For whom does the journey turn out to be a wonder, and who is on the nowhere path?

Tried shows and a comeback

In the Classic Show area, ProSieben has announced very few new ones this year. Instead, the Munich broadcaster refers to a continuum of existing formats on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Newer seasons include “Who Steals the Show From Me?”, “Worldwide Duel – Team Joko vs. Team Class”, “Joko & Class Against Prosiben”, “The Masked Singer”, “Germany’s Top Model”, “The Voice of Germany”, ” Beat the Star “,” TV Total “,” Late Night Berlin “. In addition to the release of the show “Blamieren oder Kassieren XL” from June 22, Elton’s own format, “TV Total Walk World Cup”, the mother of all “TV Total” events, will traditionally return on November 12. From Winterberg. In addition, ProSieben is re-planning for 2023 with “#FreeESC” – and will not show up this year, contrary to what was announced earlier this year after “more international than ever”, the “Eurovision Song Contest”. Pause. In collaboration with Join, the new dome show “Love Is King” is coming to Prosiben (fernsehserien.de report).

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Support for “Servakis & Oppenheimer”. Live. “

One week ago, “Servakis and Opdenhovel. Live. ” In the meantime – and with many expectations, the quota balance of the format, which started in September 2021, looks sad. However, Rosemann supports Linda Cervakis and Matthias Opdenhowl: In prime time, factual programs are very important to ProSieben. ‘Servakis & Oppenheimer. Live. ‘ Continues on Wednesdays.

In addition, Jenke von Wilmsdorff prepares several “Jenke” experiments and returns with “Jenke”. Crime. ” And vice versa. In the fall there will be two new prime time reports by Thilo Mishke and new episodes of “Uncovered”. With “Green Seven” in the fall, ProSieben is once again focusing on sustainable environmental issues.

Except? Our magazines ‘Taff’ and ‘Galileo’ were our trusted lifeline for the previous evening., According to Roseman. The third season of the co-production series with Join will feature “Miss Jordan Equal” and “Check Check”. Whether it is in-house productions or international purchases, a completely new series has not been announced.

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