Celebrity star Betel Gius is shorter and closer than we thought

Celebrity star Betel Gius is shorter and closer than we thought

Betelgues. Betelgues. Betelgues.

Alma (ESO / NAOJ / NRAO) / E. O’Gorman / P. Kerwella

If you experience the strange sensation of someone breathing out of your neck, it could be Betel‌geus. Infamous star – exciting topic Supernova will be discussed Earlier this year – maybe much closer than we suspected.

Betelgeuse is a red supergiant that is terrifying compared to the size of our sun. A The study was published in the journal Astronomy This week reveals some new estimates of the star’s mass and distance, as well as an estimate of the time it is likely to go to the supernova.

As the star goes through bizarre dim and bright episodes starting at the end of 2019, the ulation of the betel-gues eruption has moved into high gear. Scientists believe Dust caused one of these incidents. “We found that the second small event was due to the vibrations of the star,” he said Leading author Meredith Joyce in a statement from the Australian National University (ANU) Friday.

The scientific team used modeling, which co-author Shing-Chi Leung of the University of Tokyo described as “pressure waves – basically, sound waves”. This activity helped researchers find out where the star was in its life cycle.

Scientists have previously estimated that this is the size of Betelloggs compared to our solar system, but a new study estimates it.

That’s it

The consequence of this is that Betelgeuse is not in danger of going into a supernova at any time. It will take 100,000 years to reach that stage. This is it As suggested by other scientists.

Our knowledge of the size of the star also shakes the study. “The actual size of Betelgeuse is a mystery – previous studies have suggested that it may be larger than Jupiter’s orbit. Said co-author Laszlo Molnar Of the Congolese Observatory in Budapest.

With the size of the Betelougeus dialed in so well, the team was able to make a more accurate estimate of the distance from Earth, which is 530 light-years away or 25% closer than previously known. This is still enough to prevent the Earth from being harmed by the future explosion of Betelgeuse.

“It’s still a big deal when a supernova goes off. This is our closest candidate. It gives us a rare opportunity to learn what happens to stars like this before it explodes,” Joyce said.

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