‘Celebrity’ brand sacrificed after dog attack in London

'Celebrity' brand sacrificed after dog attack in London

Freddie, the famous seal of antiques on a bridge in London, England, had to be euthanized on Sunday (21) after being attacked by a dog. After a police investigation, the dog’s owner, Rebecca Subben-Claire, 49, went public and apologized for what had happened.

The seal, known as the Queen Singer Freddie Mercury, was made when the seal was rescued by a fishing lure wrapped around its mouth. At the time, the animals attended to the animals and returned it to nature, but Freddie Barnes returned to a bridge over the River Thames in the vicinity, where he interacted with passers-by.

People who saw the slogan were responsible for calling the London Fire Department and the British Marine Life Rescue to come to the rescue after Sunday’s attack. The corporation seal was taken to a veterinary hospital.

Upon arrival at the site, it was found that the bone in the seal was fractured, the fin was displaced and the joints, ligaments and nerves were damaged. It was decided that the policy of the hospital was not to take animals hostage and that a seal with only one fin would not survive in the forest and that it would be better to sacrifice him for Freddie.

“I was shocked by this terrible accident,” the dog’s owner told the Evening Standard newspaper. “As an animal lover, I fully understand the grief of what happened. I apologize. Looking back, of course, I wish the dog had led to a leak, but at the time it seemed unnecessary.”

Rebecca said she quickly left the scene for the safety of herself and her dog. She thanked the professionals who helped save the seal and claimed to have left her contact information with the vets before leaving.

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Normal or port seals are often found inside and outside the Thames. This year alone, the London Zoological Society’s Thames Marine Mammal Survey recorded 117 semi-aquatic mammal sightings.

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