Celebrities. Danny Boon, the victim of a €6.7 million fraud in Ireland

Celebrities.  Danny Boon, the victim of a €6.7 million fraud in Ireland

Was Danny Boone duped by a fake Irish lord? This is it What the newspaper reveals Irish Examiner. Thierry Fialek-Birles, real name, defrauded €6.7 million. The information kept so far is under embargo for smooth conduct of investigation.

2.2 million for running Danny Boone’s yacht

It all begins when the actor meets Irish nobleman Thierry Birles through a mutual acquaintance. Known for his movies, Danny Boone’s passion for boats is not known to the public. owner of a boat,Umaren, he hires Terry Birles, who presents himself as an expert in the laws of the sea and claims to have a good network of acquaintances in Ireland, to manage and maintain the vessel. Terry Birles advises him to work with a company called South Seas Merchant Mariners Limited (SSMM), which he assures his family created 100 years ago.

Danny Boon advances 2.2 million euros for repairs on his yacht in April 2021, part of which is to be used for insurance.

4.5 million per investment

In July 2021, Terry Birles talks to Danny Boon about an investment in the Irish Central Bank that will earn 3.25% interest per annum tax-free. The director then sends 4.5 million to SSMM.

Danny Boone learned from Terry Birles that SSMM had been bought by the Rossi family, an Italian family, but he remained with the company as a consultant. The worried French asked for the money back. A “member” of Rossi replies that the money has been transferred to accounts in South Korea and Panama and will be returned to him “soon”. Danny Boone called back several times but never received a refund.

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In November 2021, Terry Birles called Danny Boone and told him that the Rossis had fired him and owed him money. He advises the director to file a case against SSMM.

Until then, Danny Boone trusts Terry Birles. But the testimony of a victim of the “Irish Lord” fraud puts a flea in his ear. He contacts lawyers.

Shell companies

In fact, neither Rossi nor the Irish Central Bank deposit nor the yacht’s insurance company existed. Companies set up in different countries all refer to… a DIY store in Samoa.

Neither does Thierry Birles. This is one of the aliases used by Thierry Fialek-Birles, as is Terry Waterford-Mandeville. According to Danny Boone’s Irish lawyer, Rosa Fanning, he developed an “elaborate deception” by throwing “lie after lie” at the Frenchman and his other victims.

The French writer-director filed a late complaint pending the results of a “professional investigation.” Thierry Fialek-Birles’ assets and companies have therefore been frozen, notably a residence and a boat, ErinProbably bought with Danny Boone’s money.

The case will come before a judge next week.

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