Cedric Jubilee Betrayed Through Analysis Of His Phone: These Sticky Details

Cedric Jubilee Betrayed Through Analysis Of His Phone: These Sticky Details

Cedric Jubilee used to lie in various interrogations related to his wife’s disappearance Dolphin Jubilee ? Although the father of Louise and Elijah has always claimed his innocence in this legal case, analysis of his telephone activity will reveal new information and determine whether the painter-plasterer told the whole truth about the evening of 15 to 16 December 2020. Cognac-less-mines. Accordingly ParisBetween 10:08 pm and 3:53 am, the mobile phone was actually “off” (disconnected from the telephone networks). “A situation that only happened twice in 2020, never happened in the evenings“Mention our colleagues.

As a reminder, during the investigation, the 34 – year – old painter and plasterer said his mobile phone was gone when he went for a walk with his two dogs, Gnocchi and Oprah, in the middle of a game. Power game.

However, telephone analyzes show that Severin’s friend first left the game at 10:04 pm and then “turned off” four minutes later. “It’s battery level, it’s completely broken, My phone does not have battery capacity. When it seemed like there was no more battery, I decided to leave the game, hoping to get some light (…) I stopped the game to use the torch (his phone’s flashlight).“Finally, the man explained to investigators that Cedric Jubiller had left the phone charged as soon as he returned home.

Accordingly Paris, The trial judges launched a new telephone expertise in early January 2022 to verify the authenticity of Plaster’s statements. A very accurate way of knowing if Cedric Jubiller actually told the whole truth to the gendarmes.

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Cedric Jubilee remains innocent of the charges against him until the final verdict in this case.

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