CBD oil: an exellent cure!

For consumers, it is challenging to assess which CBD oils are excellent! With so many suppliers, it is the search for a needle in a haystack.

What criteria should you use to make your choice? Anyone who deals more intensively with cannabidiol and its various favorable properties would like to find out how the best high-quality CBD oil differs from a cheap CBD oil.

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CBD oil properties

Finding a high-quality cannabidiol oil can prove to be quite a complicated endeavour given the abundance of the market. With the current hype around legal cannabis items such as CBD oil, it is particularly important to distinguish the right product from a bad one.

But how can the wheat be separated from the chaff? What makes an outstanding CBD oil? Potential users can use the following aspects to help:

  • The certified organic cultivation ensures that the cannabis plants get plenty of light, pesticides and herbicides are not used.
  • European certified rearing avoids residues in the soil, such as heavy metals.
  • In addition to CBD, good full-spectrum CBD oils contain other valuable cannabinoids & terpenes and a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids.
  • The THC content is required by law and must be below the limit of 0.2%. Excellent CBD oils achieve a significantly lower value that can hardly be proven.
  • For many companies, the best extraction method in the production of CBD oil is CO2 extraction. It should also be the gentlest method. It works with pressure and temperature. This method ensures that the cannabidiol and other valuable cannabinoids, terpenes and secondary plant substances are released from the hemp and are retained.
  • In addition to pharmacies in some countries, online shops are an essential source of supply for CBD oil. Serious dealers disclose all information in their imprint according to law and are at best registered with buyer protection programs.
  • A good manufacturer or dealer makes transparent statements about the entire production chain and, if necessary, proves this with appropriate certificates.
  • The production of CBD oil, from the organic cultivation of the hemp to the CO2 extraction of the full spectrum oil is expensive, so a high-quality end product cannot be cheap. The shipping costs must also be considered. Many good online shops even send free shipping.
  • CBD is believed to have pharmacological properties, but it is considered a dietary supplement. In this case, the EU stipulates that health-related advertising statements about a medical effect (health claim) are not permitted. If a manufacturer advertises it anyway, this is dubious.
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Do CBD oils have side effects?

The side effects of CBD have not yet been fully explored. In the studies in which cannabidiol was to be tested for side effects, the oil was usually administered to animals in very high doses. It is therefore questionable whether these side effects are transferable to humans.

Pregnant women should refrain from consuming CBD, as the hemp component can lead to malfunctions in the supply of nutrients to the child.

Other side effects can occur with high doses of CBD, such as when a doctor prescribes it for epilepsy. Active ingredients that contain CBD in high amounts include dronabinol and nabilone.

Besides, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, and drowsiness are some of the more common side effects of long-term use of a high dose.

However, if CBD is only used occasionally for relaxation and taken in much lower doses, these effects are considered rare.

CBD oil with alcohol and drugs

When taking CBD and other medications at the same time, such as stomach protection agents or antidepressants, there may be interactions.

If the breakdown of CBD and other drugs are taken at the same time occurs via the same mechanisms, both substances can remain in the body longer if taken at the same time. It allows the effect to last longer or even intensify – this can be dangerous.

Therefore, if you take another medication regularly, you should consult your doctor about the interactions before taking cannabidiol.

Simultaneous alcohol consumption and taking CBD could, in rare cases, create palpitations. However, it is not among the scientifically researched interactions.

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Cannabidiol and driver’s license. Is driving a car allowed?

As you may know, cannabidiol is a component of the hemp plant that has no intoxicating effect – unlike THC. Thus, the consumption of CBD does not affect the ability to drive: Its use and subsequent driving are legal.

The classic drug test only tests for the presence of THC. This urine test cannot determine the components of the CBD and is therefore negative. However, other specific urine tests can be used to detect CBD

CBD can also be detected in the blood during consumption and a few days afterwards.

However, many CBD products contain not only CBD but also other components of the cannabis plant. It is why they often have a small amount of THC. Therefore, especially before driving, you should take a look at the package insert and make sure that there is no THC in the drug.

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