CBD and Human Health

CBD can help human health in a number of ways – read more about this below.


CBD has shown potential as a treatment for anxiety disorders, according to a study posted in the Journal of Neurotherapeutics. According to the investigations from the experts, CBD showed promise as an anxiolytic in a variety of animal tests, even though the results were surprisingly counter-intuitive.

In most of the studies, it seemed that a smaller dosage of CBD (-10mg/kg) was the most effective at addressing anxiety in mice. Those doses higher than 100mg/kg had none of the same effects.

This can be understood by observing the way CBD patches works in the brain. Most of the time, CBD is an agonist, in other words it produces a negative response when it binds with a receptor. It can be that at lower levels it is effective as an agonist, but as more CBD is present in the body a compensatory effect is initiated to counter the initial response to CBD.

There have not been many human experiments done on CBD but there is one worth mentioning that was also mentioned in the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry in 2019. This study observed the effects of CBD and a Placebo on a group of 57 men before they were to deliver a public speech. Anxiety was measured throughout the study to measure physiological states. A Visual Analog Mood Scale (VAMS) was also applied to get an idea of various mood fluctuations.

According to the study, those men who had been given 300mg of CBD showed less anxiety than those that were given a placebo. Interestingly, this effect was not shared with those that were given 100mg or 600mg.

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There is reason to believe that CBD can be a suitable remedy for those looking to fight drug addiction, according to a review in the 2015 of Substance Abuse.

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