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Cathartic chants by pro-Palestinian artist Bambi Thug

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From our special correspondent in Malmö (Sweden).

The spell worked since the first iteration in late April. Let Bambi Thug from Ireland work his magic on the Eurovision stage, amidst a circle of candles. The cinematography along with the scenography make his three minute performance a captivating moment. A tour de force can be seen on Tuesday during the first semi-final broadcast on Culturebox (Channel 14) as the song, Doomsday BlueAt all vowel intervals, segmentation can occur.

“My performance will be mature and romantic. I will use all my gifts. I am happy to make such waves as Ireland has not had a good result for a long time and I am on deck to save my country,” promised the Amsterdam (Netherlands) artiste. 20 minutes He was interviewed in mid-April. Bambi Thug wasn't doing too well with the punters at the time, but his personality and aesthetic got us interested.

“When I'm in Bambi Thug, nothing affects me”

“It is a shield, a shield, a protection. When I'm Bambi Thug, I feel more powerful. “It's not that I'm vulnerable in any other way, but when I'm Bambi Thug, there's a trigger in me where I don't get anything,” explains 31-year-old Bambi Ray Robinson, who identifies as non-binary, about his stage alter ego.

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“Mystical, sci-fi, witchcraft, anime, little creatures… anything that gives me the chance to escape into a fantastical world inspires me, I love,” she told us, sporting, then, the tips of a fake moustache. Enjoyed the smoothing.

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“I'm in costume all the time. I started with classical dance and later studied musical theater in London. I also wrote for other British artists before making more gothic music. “Lyrics are very important to me,” insists Bambi Thug.

Cathartic song

They revealed that they had been raped in the spring of 2023 when they won the Irish selection for Eurovision in early January. “It happened three weeks before my debut performance at Download Festival, which was the most important moment of my career. It took me away from enjoying the experience. […] Despite the abuse that has plagued my life since childhood, I must remember that I am not my trauma,” the artist wrote. In his account.

His song Doomsday Blue, a soothing melody with saturated accents has a cathartic dimension. “It's a journey. You have ups and downs in life, you feel happy and then sad, you are in a great relationship and then a terrible relationship. My song maps the human experience in three minutes, I'm ambitious, I want to show everything in three minutes,” smiles Bambi Thug.

“I'm pro-Palestinian, that won't change”

At the end of April, 400 artists from Ireland have signed an open letter Calling on the candidate to boycott Eurovision in support of Palestine. However, they stood out for their clear commitment to the subject. Signing a message common to many of the candidates in this edition, “as an Irish person who knows about the occupation” he “cannot remain silent,

“I'm pro-Palestinian, that won't change,” said Bambi Thug 20 minutes. It's been a very complicated year to be involved with all the politics and calling on us. We are not politicians, though entertainers, doing what one can. »

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