Casio has released the second limited edition G-Shock watch with NASA

Casio has released the second limited edition G-Shock watch with NASA

Casio has introduced the second limited edition G-Shock watch with NASA. The monumental model DW5600NASA21-1 was launched on April 12, 1981, 40 years after the spacecraft was launched. The mission was named the most daring test flight in history.

It was mankind’s first reusable spacecraft and the first of 135 missions in a 30 – year program. The orbit will launch like a rocket and land like an airplane. The two solid boosters that helped push it into space will be reused. When it falls to the ground again, only the giant external fuel tank will ignite. Everything was known as the space transport system.

“The DW5600, which honors decades of space exploration, was designed for watch collectors and space enthusiasts to mark the 40th anniversary of the spacecraft’s first launch,” Casio wrote on its website. The watch has a white dial around the digital display and reveals the OV-102 spacecraft. The watch features a dark case with a white stripe and a monumental carving of a steel back spacecraft.

The G-Shock digital watch features a white dial with the red NASA “Worm” logo and a stainless steel case with the spacecraft’s engraved silhouette. The appropriate black and white watch strap is marked “STS-1”, “United States”, and the American flag is printed on the ribbon loop and creates marks on the shuttle’s orbit.

The DW5600NASA21-1 140 is available for pre-order at USD.

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