Case. Pro D2: SU Egan wants to put the word “pride” back on the jersey

Case.  Pro D2: SU Egan wants to put the word "pride" back on the jersey

At the end of a nightmare season in the top 14, ending 26 defeats in several matches, five years later, the SUA found the Pro D2, with a radically changed squad. Above all, Aganise wants to find happiness, but remains ambitious.

Where is AUS after the historic sad season? This is a question that hurts everyone on the Armandi side. Within three months of the end of the nightmare, the spots will be completely absorbed and will the Ragis Sonus team be ready to play the lead roles in Pro D2?

The Agent Manager has worked in this direction anyway. With 23 players dropping out of the Lot-et-Garone off-season, the new team includes one-third of the “remaining”, one-third of the recruits and one-third of the youngsters. Agent Training Center.

With a little preparation, the agent needs to be made faster compared to other Pro D2 forms. The first stone of the building, the mood, reunites with the collective values ​​after last year’s extra sports adventure. In its recruitment, the former third line focused on the human qualities of the targeted players and, in everyone’s opinion, the reunion of this new team looks great.

Re-dominate the collective struggle

In terms of the game, the results of three friendly matches (defeats at Uri Rilac, Zoax-Angoulem, and defeat at Mont-de-Marsen) indicate a lack of automation and control three days before the start of hostility in Bayonne. However, the young agent team (25 years on average) has proven that it has a definite potential. But like their three failed starts, the players will have to adapt to a championship that has changed a lot since their final win over Montabane on May 21, 2017. To regain dominance in the battlefields.

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Despite these many anomalies, President Jean-Franോois Fontaine came up with a solution to the equation. The clear and declared goal of SUA is to complete six. Obviously we are not talking about the top 14, as Ragis Sonus points out, participation in the final stages will be “a huge success” for a team that took two to three years to reach full maturity.

However, in Armandi, players and coaches do not like to project themselves. The main thing is in the news, this phrase is repeated: “Rediscover the taste of victory, regain pride in Agan’s jersey”. “Blue and white” supporters do not expect less.


Sports Manager
Regis Sonus
David Ortiz and Sylvain Mirande
Alex Burin, Tapu Flatia, Dave Ryan (Ireland), Florent Gion, Maxim Duprat, Hans Lombard-Buert, Martin Agix, Malino Vanach, Walter Desmison
Clement Martinez, Loris Sarantonello, Jaba Bregwadze (Goroji), Gal Doms
Second line
William Demott, Corinthian Vernet, Toby Salmon (England), Gauthier Marawath, Gregor Kerdikoshvili (Georgia), Victor Morex
Third line
Jesse Gegerlener, Lock Hockett, Arnad Duppets, Vincent Farrell, Lawrence Pierce (England), Mathieu Bonnet, Fote Locottui (Tonga), Camille Gorondeau, Samuel Nolet
Demis de Meli
Paul Grove, Dorian Bellot, Tao Idzellidain
Opening requests
Thomas Vincent, Christian Lacombe, Raphael Lagarde, Emil Darrell
Noel Reid (Ireland), Harry Sloan (England), Colinio Ramoka (Fiji), Clement Garrigas, Tyrone Cruz (Netherlands)
Louis Gouban, Iban Echevery, Tevita Rilev (Fidge), Alexander Odinga, Jefferson Joseph, Timalai Rokoduru (Fidge)
On the back
Loris Tolot, Jean-Marceline Buttin, Matthew Lamouli

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