Casa do Brasil expects more balanced vote between Lula and Bolsonaro in Portugal – Observer

Casa do Brasil expects more balanced vote between Lula and Bolsonaro in Portugal - Observer

Carlos Viana, leader from Lisbon’s Casa do Brasil, argued this Monday that the vote of Brazilians in Portugal for the next presidential election in his country will be “more balanced” than in 2018 with the participation of young people.

“The Brazilian community is divided into social classes, because social inequality in Brazil is reproduced here” and the richest who vote for the candidate Jair Bolsonaro, which has increased a lot in Portugal in recent years, counts Carlos Viana in his statements to Lusa.

So today The level of university-educated people in Brazilian society in Portugal is “already very high”. than in Brazil.

In 2018, the incumbent Brazilian president and candidate Jair Bolsonaro won a landslide victory, with a further advantage, the set of voters who voted proportionally, compared to Brazil, to recall a member of the board of the Casa do Brasil in Lisbon.

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This means that “candidate Bolsonaro has a lot of fans and loyal voters here”, he added.

But, he said, “I think this growth of a few thousand upper-middle-class people and rich people who have started to live in Portugal is offset by the growth of more modest immigration”.

The disillusionment of those who voted for Bolsonaro in the last election and the growth in the vote of students, especially university students, combined with greater political awareness and greater accountability among young people, according to Carlos Viana, at least balance the vote.

“There were many young people registered at the consulate”He emphasized that there are 80,000 voters voting in Portugal today and urged everyone to vote on October 2, the date set for the next presidential election in Brazil.

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Carlos Viana also pointed out Candidate Lula da Silva represents a coalition of ten parties in the next electionNot just a handful of candidates.

The original wave of what we call Bolsonerista in 2018 will not repeat itself, he thought.

Casa do Brasil, an association that supports all immigrant Brazilians, has “no candidates”, as its leader underlined, but he also clarified that he has taken a stand against the government of Jair Bolsonaro, that is, since the Covid-19 pandemic. 19.

“This polarization that we follow in Brazil is very clear here in Portugal and in Braga,” says the president of the UAI – Portuguese-Brazilian Sociocultural Association for the Support of Integration in Portugal.

Alexandra Gormish says Brazilian immigrants’ tendency to vote for Bolsonaro is justified by the “existing paradigms” in these elections, one more conservative and the other more progressive.

“The profile of immigrants in Braga is very diverse, families with incomes from Brazil live here, they have a high purchasing power, but there are also many people who came looking for work”, he explained.

So, this election is unknown to me, he added. “We expect a second round between Lula and Bolsonaro, but we will only be sure when the results come in”, he stressed.

It is estimated that around 15,000 Brazilians live in the municipality of Braga.

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