[Carte] Military officials in the states of the European Union

[Carte] Military officials in the states of the European Union

The resilience of a country can be measured by a number of criteria. In addition to the budget allocated for it or the military technologies it possesses, the number of its troops must be taken into account. In the European Union, as elsewhere in the world, the number of troops is often linked to the country’s demographics.

It is the most populous country in the world and the most active military nation. In 2022, China will have 2 million (1.4 billion population) and India will have at least 1.45 million (1.38 billion). With a very small population relative to 330 million inhabitants, the United States closes the podium with about 1.4 million active soldiers.

To these officers in active service (Armed Forces Is active) Can be added Reservationists, Men and women who devote a portion of their time only to the protection of their country. Finally, some countries have powers Paramilitaries, Organized under military discipline, but outside the National Armed Forces, and therefore not officially part of the state security forces.

It should be noted that some European countries maintain military service. This is the case, for example GreeceOf ‘AustriaFrom DenmarkFrom FinlandIn the case of some European countries, the National Service is essential to ensure the defense of their territory, as they can count on a lot of compulsions (rented for several months). Take the example ofEstonia The number of compulsory soldiers is more or less the same (approx 3 300).

France, Germany, Italy: The most important armies

In terms of population, France has the largest army in Europe with 205,000 active troops (population over 67 million) and 35,000 reserve. Second in Europe, the Armed Forces Italian It relies on 170,000 active members (over a population of over 59 million) and 20,000 reserveists.

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Third in the Union, theGermany It has 184,000 active soldiers (population 83.2 million) and can rely on 15,000 reserveists. They are among the member states of the European Union, which enjoys over 100,000 million dollars in military power Greece (130 000), l ‘Spain as well as Poland (120,000 each).

The military strength of a state is measured not only by the number of its human resources. Thus, it is based on the strategic strength of a country Three criteria Important: Economy (which is based on the demographics and geography of the country), technology (or innovation and performance) and military means. Other basic criteria apply, such as the possession of nuclear weapons, the ability to project power, and the potential for external action.

In the European Union, the France According to the site has the strongest army Global Fire Power. The rankings, based on criteria such as military strength or economic and logical capability, rank Paris seventh in the world ahead of South Korea and the United Kingdom. Italy is currently ranked 11th and Germany 16th.

In most EU countries, there are less than 50,000 active troops

In addition to the examples cited above, the average number of officers in the European Armed Forces is small compared to other geopolitical powers around the world. This is often associated with reducing state military spending: take, for exampleAustria It sets aside only 0.8% of its GDP for defenseIreland Military spending there is only 0.3% of its GDP (average of 1.6% of EU member states). Along with these figures are small armies: 23,000 active officers in Vienna and only 8,700 in Dublin.

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Countries with the smallest population also include the countries with the smallest population. That way, Chipre Etc. Painted 15,000 and 1,700 soldiers are active, respectively. Similar to the Baltic countries: 6,500Estonia as well as Latvia16,000 Lithuania.

Finally, many member states of the Union have an army of 25,000 to 35,000 active officers. This is the case Netherlands (35,000), since Portugal (30,500), from Bulgaria (30,000), since Belgium And some Czech Republic (26,000 each). About Romania38E World Army according to rankings Global Fire PowerThere are still 67,000 active troops (and 50,000 reserveists).

Except in cases Painted Etc. ChipreThe data presented here is from the site Global Fire Power It lists the armed forces of most states in the world.

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