Carlos Núñez of Concarneau: “Les Fillets Blues is a party! – 100th Blue Nets in Concarneau

Carlos Núñez of Concarneau: "Les Fillets Blues is a party! - 100th Blue Nets in Concarneau

In recent weeks, you’ve played concerts in Quimper and Gaur. Now in Concarneau. Admit it: Is Brittany your second home?

It was even my first home. For me, Brittany is paradise, it is ideal Galicia, it is a model for the whole world. It is a country capable of uniting people. It is the crossroads, the capital of the Celtic world. My dream was to live there year round. I want to find a nice place and a beautiful Breton friend.

What was your first story with Brittany?

It was Lorient’s Interceltic Festival. I was 13 years old. Slowly getting to know Brittany. But the experience that changed everything for me was the collaboration with Dan R. Brass for L’Heritage des Celtes. I have become a Breton, in the family.

Do you have projects in Brittany?

This year we are going to do twelve concerts in Brittany. In October, we will be touring theaters with the soloists of the Orchester National de Bretagne and the Welsh Singers. It will be a real discovery: Beethoven’s Celtic music. This is a real gift. He composed about 200 It is completely unknown.

Happy to return to Concarneau six years after your last visit here?

This is my third time at Fillets Blues Festival. My last visit was a real bummer. Les Filets Bleus is a fiesta. The Breton public is the best in the world. He loves not only parties but also culture. I feel very free here. It is an honor to participate in this 100th edition.

Bagado, it’s like when you pass 5th when you’re driving.

You will find bag bro conk kerne. How will the show be arranged with the bell ringers from Concarneau?

Bagado is our companion on this inter-Celtic adventure. They give us fishing. Like when you pass number five while driving. Nothing like making a big noise. You can play with them music from Brazil, Celtic music made for Japanese animated movies, and music from the Celts heritage. Everything is possible. There, we will play at least seven pieces with Bagad Bro Konk Kern. We will of course be performing Breton music as well.

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Any other surprises on stage?

We have, for example, the dancer, singer and violinist John Pilatske of the new generation of masters. We’ll have musicians from different countries, Ireland, Spain, or even a virtuoso Basque accordionist, Itzazo Elisagoyan.

I know a 14-year-old boy who plays in bugged cap-caval. He’s like a little Carlos.

You are the benchmark for Gaeta, the Galician bagpipe. What legacy are you leaving behind? Are there too many young Carlos Nunes in Galicia today?

Yes, Gaita young people play a lot. But it’s not just Galicia. Wherever I play, I like to invite super young players. Brittany also has incredible young ringers. I know a 14-year-old boy who plays in Baghdad cap-caval. He’s like a little Carlos. He has the same hair as me at his age, he dresses like me, he’s a showman, he plays well. It is important to help the younger generation. Like me, when I was 13, I met legendary hero Piper Paddy Moloney.

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