Caring for Fukushima cats

Caring for Fukushima cats

More than half a million people have been displaced since the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, In Japan. In recent years, with the progress of pollution activity, residents of some towns in the area have received Re-logged in, മാ Less than one-third of the population Decided to do so: Young people are discouraged by the lack of jobs, operational services and basic amenities, and above all it is the elderly who want to return to their old homes.

There are those who have never left during these ten years: this is the case of 57-year-old Sake Kato, who continues to live in evicted areas to care for cats left after the accident. Nuclear in the plant. Kato, previously run by a small construction company, began demolishing some of the houses destroyed in the earthquake after the 2011 disaster: he often found dead pets inside buildings and decided to stay to help the living. That was his story Said Reuters.

Kato’s house is located in the mountains, still one of the most polluted areas. Kato may visit it, but will not allow him to sleep in it.

The building is a dilapidated two-story house. Part of the floor is dirty, panels are needed to cover the holes in the walls and roof, and no more water is flowing. Kato fills bottled water from a nearby mountain spring and uses public restrooms outside the relocated area. He is accompanied by 41 stray cats and a dog: some live in the house with him, while others live in a shed with a heater attached to the cat.

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Over the years, 23 cats have died. Kato avoids new kittens, but does not intend to abandon adult cats, although feeding and caring for them can be costly. “I want to make sure I’m here to take care of everyone, until the very end,” Kato said. Reuters.

This man also feeds the wild boar that live around his house, insulting the owners and authorities of the surrounding houses because these animals are still wreaking havoc on the remaining buildings. Cato was arrested on February 25 for allegedly possessing wild boar: he was accused of freeing some wild boar trapped in special traps set by forest guards. Some volunteers take care of the cats in his absence. Yumiko Konishi, a Tokyo vet who occasionally helps Kato, says at least one of the cats has died since his arrest.

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