Cardano’s (ADA) boss comes out of silence in the face of allegations

Cardano's (ADA) boss comes out of silence in the face of allegations

Hoskinson responds to criticism of Cardano – Cardano The crypto ecosystem has been receiving special attention for several months. However, this is not unanimous, and some have gone so far as to qualify യായി as a scam. A situation that did not please its founder who was in a hurry to respond.

Cardano is a scam? Charles Hoskinson climbs to the plate

David Hoffman Is Co-host Of the podcast Bankless, A podcast that deals primarily with Ethereum and its habitat. A strong supporter of Ethereum, it did not cut into words when it came to the subject Cardano Touched on one of the last episodes of the podcast.

Therefore, he is very skeptical of Cardano and especially the enthusiasm surrounding it when the project does not yet have a mechanism. Smart deal His Mainnet.

“I have a lot of doubts about Cardano. Cardano does not have a great deal or applications. I put it on my suspicious list, and I would even go so far as to say that Cardano could be a naked scam. ”

of course, Cardano Currently not enjoying a rich habitat like Ethereum, but sometimes David Hoffman Going a little too far in calling Cardano “Corruption is obvious”.

This slip will not fail to attract attention Charles Hoskinson, The Founder of Cardano Who responds quickly on Twitter:

“It’s unusual. Every day, many of these podcasters call Cardano” naked corruption. “

While waiting, Cardano continues its evolution. Blockchain supports multiple assets From the last Hard fork And date Smart deal Must arrive in the coming months.

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