Captured on tape: NASA posts about black hole ‘8 times the mass of the sun’ – it’s viral

The tweet has now left people intrigued.

Black holes are some of the most attractive, intricate, and strange objects in the universe. If you resonate with that statement, this note from NASA about astronomical objects excites and fascinates you.

The space agency took to Twitter to explain how scientists captured a “star-mass black hole” on camera. “It throws hot objects into space,” she added.

“Scientists recently pulled a stellar black hole (about 8 times the mass of the Sun) out of an orbiting star and threw objects hotter than 80% of the speed of light into space!” NASA tweeted with GIF. The post ends with a blog link that explains the topic in more detail.

The black hole and its co-star build a system called MAXI J1820 + 070, which describes the blog. It is located 10,000 light-years from Earth.

Check out the NASA shared tweet:

Since posting, the post has collected 6,300 likes. Also, it collected a lot of comments from people. From expressing their interest to asking questions

Absolutely diverse. “Won’t this cause propulsion? It takes a lot of energy to keep a black hole from moving, ”a Twitter user asked. “It’s incredibly scary,” said another. “Good,” said one-third.

What is your opinion about the post?

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