Captain Julian Marouchand suspended from European Cup final for four weeks

Captain Julian Marouchand suspended from European Cup final for four weeks

Bad news for Julian Marchand and Stade Toulouse. – Theory Sokolan / AFP

Permission was granted Wednesday evening. Stade Toulouse captain Julian Merchand will miss the European Cup final against La Rochelle on May 22 in Twickenham. The International Hooker was suspended for four weeks in the semi-final against Bordeaux-Bagles on May 1 (21-9).

The 26-year-old player (14 caps) arrived via video conference with an independent disciplinary commission from the EPCR, which is responsible for organizing continental events. In the 58th minute of the match, the winger of the UBB Roman Bureau, head to shoulder, was suspected of “handling in a dangerous manner”. He denied one allegation.

The Commission has not convinced the defense

After hearing his arguments and the arguments of his lawyer and his trainer, Yugo Mola, and President Didier Lacroix, the Commission [composée d’un Gallois, d’un Anglais et d’un Irlandais] The quote was confirmed because it appeared that Marchand was in contact with the bureau’s head in a manner that could potentially cause him to receive a red card, “the EPCR said in a statement.

In view of the absence of the “aggravating factor” and the “pure disciplinary record of the player” and “his good behavior during the hearing”, the initial approval of the six – week suspension was reduced to four weeks.

The offense gesture escaped the referee during the meeting, but not the consultants of the British channel BT Sport‌s, including former Irish international Brian O’Driscoll, and Marchand deserves a red card. The complaint was made to the EPCR by Irishman Ed Kenny, the citation commissioner at the meeting.

Stade Toulouse Hooker, one of the executives, will be able to replay from May 31 and take part in the final round of the Top 14. He should be transferred to the European Cup final on May 22 in London. Twickenham Stadium, another French international Pito Mauwaka (24, 6 caps). His brother Guillum Marchand (22) should start as a replacement.

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