Cancellations, strikes, staff shortages … why this anarchy in the atmosphere?

Cancellations, strikes, staff shortages ... why this anarchy in the atmosphere?

They depict the social unrest that air travel is now going through. Claims and wage negotiations do not only affect low cost airlines. This time, the pilots affected Air France and its subsidiary Transvia, a strike movement.

Strikes, but not only

But wage demands are not the only cause of the apparent chaos in the world of aviation. At the end of the Kovid crisis, the shortage of staff saw the return of passengers en masse … but the shortage of staff and airport staff in companies. Image: EasyJet (Palma) and Volotia (Ajaccio) flights canceled at Bordeaux-Marignac Airport on Saturday for reasons other than strike.

“I was at an airport in Toulouse on Friday, June 24. When I looked at the announcement screen, I noticed that the EasyJet flight to Rome had been canceled,” said Stefan Cie, director of program and revenue management at AirCarib and the French company. Bee, partner at Arogression Consulting. “When informed, I knew the pilots had reached their flight time quota. So it’s comforting, because security is the reason for this cancellation, ”he explains.

To bankruptcy filing?

It is comforting but frustrating for travelers to have to anticipate the turnover of company employees. “Air transport is a job that needs to be planned in advance for a long time. Pilot training and recruitment are usually completed two years in advance. Kovid’s two years destroyed everything, ”the expert explained.

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