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Canary – Immigrant shipwreck with dozens of deaths on the World Route

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Cominio Frontoras, an NGO specializing in migration to the African-Canary Islands, has condemned a new sea tragedy: dozens of dead and missing on Tuesday off the coast of the western Sahara. According to the NGO, 42 women are missing – including 30 women and 8 minors – and some fishermen have rescued 10 before the Moroccan navy intervened.
Twelve bodies, which may have belonged to migrants who died in the tragedy, were found on a beach yesterday, Dakhlannews reports.

Helena Maleno, a well-known Spanish activist and spokeswoman for Caminando Frontiers, explained to ANSA that her organization had found survivors: through their testimonies, especially of a woman who had lost two children – and added how many people were missing after the shipwreck.
The boat they were traveling in capsized in the waves. The facts now reported by the Moroccan and Spanish authorities have not been officially confirmed. “This is a conflict zone and many of the shipwrecks that occur there have not been reported,” Maleno said. The Spanish Maritime Rescue Service has intensified the search for another boat with migrants, who were reportedly traveling Monday from the same area of ​​the Western Sahara.

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